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TF8 Synth by Pier Lim
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by person skiphunt
It glitches out on an iPad Air 2 also if you're sending it midi externally. I think it's likely just first rev bugs that need to be ironed out, but all in all it sounds good and show great potential. It's arp is pretty cool too.
That. Is. Cool.
Bebot!!! :)
•nodal• by Armen Karamian
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 by person skiphunt
On February 22, 2017 - @Greg Killmaster said:
I bought this and have no idea how to think about using it. no help or tips in the interface. Kinda frustrating. I want it to be good. Trash doesn't seem to work. I can't *seem* to move the dots I create. have no idea wether these are bugs or not.

I've figured out most of it and figured out what everything does. No way to record, but it's actually kinda cool.

FYI: long press on trash can clears playing field. Long press on nodes and you can move. Double click on node connections to change direction in Markov chain. Reverse share icon just adds the sample you recorded to the library. If you assign one of this 3 colors (blue/yellow/magenta) those done add to markov chain and only play constant.

Haven't found a way to delete user samples yet.

Wave thing gives sample a note shift melody. Infinity makes it play non-stop rather than one-shot. Sliders control note/speed/volume

If they make it recordable or IAA/AB it'd be unique and pretty cool.
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