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I'm also a medical doctor in my other life and all I can say is that is hard to treat something that cannot be measured, for something that has no lab values. Mental disease is entirely subjective and not quantifiable. It is a pity in those sorts that then we rely on psychiatry, psychology, and in extreme cases para psychology. It's terrible about Chris, but as the Germans and Austrian artists of old, he might have had too much Angst in his breast. The passion that drives an artist and the highs and lows, similar to Bipolar disease take their toll over the years till the eventual suicide. Failure eats you like cancer eventually, whether imagined or real. Rest in peace dear Artist. Society is usually too bourgeois to understand the Artist. Adieu.
App Sales!
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by person psysword
The remix is as good as the woman pictured. I guess your leader is someone you really deserve. Ha! Philosophy 101 for all the snowflakes.
Now to make some killer music.. fast tempo, roaring bass, and mean leads. Phew!
Extremely underwhelming video. I have tons of better sounding apps..
Sounds good.
Now that's what I'm talking about. Awesome video!
ngarjuna - Infatuation
Monday, April 17, 2017 by person psysword
Fabulous sound! Enthralling!
Just giving you my honest opinion after traveling extensively for over 30 years in Asia and Africa. Really, the lack of innovation is what I'm trying to kickstart over there. I'm involved in innovative startups and the problems I face there are stupendous and it reflects equally to me in the music. Take it or travel boys! See for yourselves.
Well that's why I went into the music business, to get out of similar sounds, to make the synths squeal like never before, but never in traditional tones. Here is some Hi-Tech music of mine. I'm not claiming I'm awesome, but I will give you something different.
As a frequent traveler to Asia, I am deluged by the sameness of their culture. From Handicraft items to Artisans versus the Macht mit Kraft Artistic wizardry of the West. The Arabs with that same Lead and with the Indians too have never heard of changing the BPM, or creating unique sounds. The only difference between an Artisan and an Artist is Original Production. Your music should have the clear stamp of the Individual rather than the Country or Race. That Digeridoo can get old real fast and that's why you crave something different. Look inside your own heart for your REBIRTH, and not countries.

Why do I hear the same shrill synthesizer tones Everytime? Boring. You don't have to make every synth sound ethnic, and thus I hate Arabic, Indian, Chinese predictable ethnic tones that promise you more of the same. The synth was made for original sound possibilities and design and not to sound so formulaic. Don't waste your breath as you mimic your ancestors in that same boring play on Western gadgets. That's what I tell em all. As our President says "We must be unpredictable."
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