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The Good news is that the iPad maxi will be even more powerful and the Mac mini is coming! Yay! The photo is hilarious, Tim. Tiny Tim...
Yeah but it sounds all the same to me... That ethnic tune ain't novel anymore
I'm also a medical doctor in my other life and all I can say is that is hard to treat something that cannot be measured, for something that has no lab values. Mental disease is entirely subjective and not quantifiable. It is a pity in those sorts that then we rely on psychiatry, psychology, and in extreme cases para psychology. It's terrible about Chris, but as the Germans and Austrian artists of old, he might have had too much Angst in his breast. The passion that drives an artist and the highs and lows, similar to Bipolar disease take their toll over the years till the eventual suicide. Failure eats you like cancer eventually, whether imagined or real. Rest in peace dear Artist. Society is usually too bourgeois to understand the Artist. Adieu.
App Sales!
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by person psysword
The remix is as good as the woman pictured. I guess your leader is someone you really deserve. Ha! Philosophy 101 for all the snowflakes.
Now to make some killer music.. fast tempo, roaring bass, and mean leads. Phew!
Extremely underwhelming video. I have tons of better sounding apps..
Sounds good.
Now that's what I'm talking about. Awesome video!
ngarjuna - Infatuation
Monday, April 17, 2017 by person psysword
Fabulous sound! Enthralling!
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