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Yeah, an update to the latest iOS and a hard reboot seems to have fixed that one for me..
Played with the update this morning. On the whole good new features, however I did get a couple pf crashes that lost all my work.

On my iPad Pro 9.7" I cannot save presets as the on screen keyboard will not let me type a name and the OK dialog is unresponsive. I am told this works fine on an iPad Air2 so it may be a chip thing or I might just need to de-install and re-install and try again. Is anyone else getting this?
So to update, after polling the world it seems that some users are finding a lag, but on my iPad (Pro, 9.7in) and also apparently on iPhone 7, they keyboard is not working. people on other pads are reporting better behaviour.
Yup - the built in keyboard is unusable. barely responds at all. it seems to be the keyboard specifically as I can play it over midi using the AUM keyboard... but this is a bit of an oversight! Naughty SugarBytes! Bad!
Nice synth, but such a horrible keyboard implementation...
Ha ha - these wankers won my "shit app of the year award" with their first version:
I drunk-bought this the other day... haven't quite figured out the point of it yet... then again I have been busy, i will have another look..
wow - seeing all the money I have spent on Gadgets laid out like that is a bit sobering!
ReSlice by VirSyn
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 by favorite_border pantsofdeath
spent an hour playing with this today on the bus... great app. The slicing facilities are nothing new to anyone with Gadget or Egoist, but the combination with the polyrhythmic arpeggiator makes this awesome!
Wow - I understood about one word in four of that. I am such a techno-dunce. I assume this means it is very cool...
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