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I drunk-bought this the other day... haven't quite figured out the point of it yet... then again I have been busy, i will have another look..
wow - seeing all the money I have spent on Gadgets laid out like that is a bit sobering!
ReSlice by VirSyn
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 by favorite_border pantsofdeath
spent an hour playing with this today on the bus... great app. The slicing facilities are nothing new to anyone with Gadget or Egoist, but the combination with the polyrhythmic arpeggiator makes this awesome!
Wow - I understood about one word in four of that. I am such a techno-dunce. I assume this means it is very cool...
FLiSM? Ha ha - I read that as "FuLSoMe" which is extraordinary PG13 of me...
I like the look of that interface at 0.34 and 0.55 - is that a way of properly controlling the slides up and down... that could be awesome
Hmmmm - tempted. Despite price tag! Obviously my videos are not exactly sophisticated (well, you've seen them!) but I tend to bounce between Pinnacle and iMovie multiple times - being able to lock in the audio track to a video track would be useful. Also I want to be able to do windows/words on screen more easily and this looks like it might cope with that better... hmm.

Mind you, it might be overkill for my remedial skill levels...
Still no AU/AB/IAA support.... Shame...
Surely you mean 'his love of all things pants' rather than pyromania!
ha ha - I remember that one! I remember thinking it was rubbish!

Maybe this could be the iOS equivalent of "Snake Plissken, I heard of you, I heard you were dead!"
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