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er.... I think that is the 1.3 update from June.. today's 1.3.1 is a lot more pedestrian and involves itunes sharing..
Loving this one - spent an hour playing about with this and it is awesome... and really cheap considering!
Hmmm - if the piano roll uses NanoStudio conventions I may have a look at this as that is the only Midi Editor I really get along with...
ooh look- new synth! Oh wait - IK Multimedia... never mind..
Yeah, an update to the latest iOS and a hard reboot seems to have fixed that one for me..
Played with the update this morning. On the whole good new features, however I did get a couple pf crashes that lost all my work.

On my iPad Pro 9.7" I cannot save presets as the on screen keyboard will not let me type a name and the OK dialog is unresponsive. I am told this works fine on an iPad Air2 so it may be a chip thing or I might just need to de-install and re-install and try again. Is anyone else getting this?
So to update, after polling the world it seems that some users are finding a lag, but on my iPad (Pro, 9.7in) and also apparently on iPhone 7, they keyboard is not working. people on other pads are reporting better behaviour.
Yup - the built in keyboard is unusable. barely responds at all. it seems to be the keyboard specifically as I can play it over midi using the AUM keyboard... but this is a bit of an oversight! Naughty SugarBytes! Bad!
Nice synth, but such a horrible keyboard implementation...
Ha ha - these wankers won my "shit app of the year award" with their first version:
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