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discchord 6th Anniversary
Saturday, August 19, 2017 by person idexis
Happy Birthday Tim,
thanks for all your work for the iOS music community.
I agree, and in fact the main complaint from users is usually too long time in between service updates. Many find it annoying to get new features when the basic functionality is not working as it should or is not good enough.
For example, I'm looking forward to next BM3 update with more banks. More important than perhaps some chrome that is fun but not part of main workflow.
This is of course fine balance and I totally agree that it is nice x-mas feeling if one of your favorite app shows up with major new feature set.
Well done.
This was fun.
On February 02, 2017 - @ConfusedKitten said:
#5 An analytical tool that shows audio/GFX performance on iOS on your target machine (shows what nodes are contributing to CPU/GPU load RAM and latency etc). This is obviously targettted at people running piles of AU apps or Audiobus nodes, or even IAA apps, but the idea is it just provides an overview of what is contributing what, so that you can make the most out of the performance on your device by deciding what's critical (informed judgements etc). Perhaps this has limited use to some but it's just a real shame that iOS doesn't report any of this data to users (via a transparency mode or some such like) like windows shows RAM/CPU, or GPU load via Nvidea Tweaks etc. Also if you're using a current iDevice then it's less of problem, but I just figured for power users it would be useful to have some form of audio analysis/stats, but then I might just be a geek - I'll shut up now!
Everyone in the 3D rendering business knows that when you start to tweak your tools to maximize performance vs time, it is of essence to have those information. Sound work can of course be very resource heavy as well, but much more sensitive regarding interruption due to CPU/GPU (other hardware) hickup, latency and things that can corrupt the timeline and sync. Since the iOS platform is gradually moving towards capabilities of tackling serious projects, lack of this functionality is absolute deal breaker. Second this with both hands.
#9 Powerful Sound Analyzing Tools for INTERNAL measurement, not microphones.
Oscilloscope, Frequency Analyzer and other sound scaping assistance tools. Live view while working on sounds. MC Analyzer does this to a degree, but could do more and better.
Vatanator Update
Monday, August 07, 2017 by person idexis
I would agree, but some mistake by the developer or he changes his mind at the last moment. AU is free. I don't know why this setup was sent to Apple.
Finally I can learn something here...
Novation Groovebox Update
Thursday, July 27, 2017 by person idexis
Yet another iOS developer that wants to teach early adopters that they are indeed fools. "Let's have a sale few days after we introduce something new, to rewards those who hesitate or don't appreciate our product enough to buy early". Those who buy immediately can eat what freezes outside.
Normally I don't mind the prices and buy more than I use, often to support developers. But when established companies start playing this game, the only vise thing is not to buy until sale hits, if ever. Not because of the amount of money, which is very low, but on principle. That's the lesson and it's kinda stupid. What ever...
Thank you for this. Enjoyed it.
Good work,
Peter Chers - Live Jam 001
Thursday, July 20, 2017 by person idexis
Look forward to it.
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