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Yar, without midi it's use is limited.

I liked the rhythm in the video though.

KRFT - Sound Inspired
Thursday, February 16, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
On February 05, 2017 - @Shimbo said:
Are you guys talking about KRFT? It isn't limited to built-in sounds or loops at all. Every loop opens up to a fully editable piano roll. Every sound can be edited as to its envelope, filter, reverb and delay settings and more.You can build your own complex setups from nothing, laying down loops and controls wherever you want, or edit the ones included.

if this isn't apparent to people who use the app, I'd say they have a marketing problem.
I think we meant changing more than just envelope and FX.

However... the app is very reasonably priced so worth trying.

Visually it reminds me of an 80's computer game. Good old Sinclair spectrum isometric perspective.
Oriental Strings
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
OK... it looks like I posted a comment some time ago saying Oriental Strings was too big?

I'm back on my medication now and the app looks just the right size.

On February 03, 2017 - @CloudSounds said:
... my first computer... xmas 1984... that's how it all started :)

My first computer was the Sinclair ZX81.. I went on to get Vic 20, C64 and then Amiga 500.
I traded my Amiga 500 eventually with my brother for a 386sx PC. After that I built my first 486dx PC and overclocked it a little. Been overclocking ever since.

Going back to the 80's I remember programming the SID sound chip and I wired up a SID chip to an Amstrad CPC computer.
Beerkeg FM synth.

On February 09, 2017 - @Simon said:
The other big question is: will the audio record facility be free in the iOS version or will it be an IAP?

Anyone know?

Someone knows... we just have to locate them and offer a bribe for them to disclose that info.
Firstly I dunt own a MAC and I will never own a mac because I loves overclocking and I don't like OSX. I do love Gadget on iPad though so new modules will be great.

The pricing reflects what I've been saying all along.. I use IOS so I don't have to pay hundreds per synth (don't bother telling me about all the free VST I can get). Ableton costs hundreds...

However... I get on so well with Gadget on IOS that I for one wooden mind paying the cost of the PC version. I'd never run out of processing power for gadget on PC. Gadget ios is already pushed beyond my ipad air 2 processing with the music I make.

KRFT - Sound Inspired
Sunday, February 05, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
On February 05, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:

Yeah, I'm disappointed by that. It looks like it would be a fun platform if they opened it up... but they'd probably rather sell you lots of IAP sample packs.

Yup, I really can't get into pre-made sounds and loops to make music. Blocwave or whatever it's called is well-made but I haven't used it since I bought it. I can imagine it might be good for ideas though and Blocs does allow new user sounds.
KRFT - Sound Inspired
Saturday, February 04, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
However... It's limited to the built-in loops and sounds. As cute as the interface is... Just feels like remixing/DJ.

Caustic Update
Friday, February 03, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
On February 03, 2017 - @Tik777 said:
After I switched to gadget, i erased caustic...

I re downloaded caustic yesterday to give it another chance...

I erased it again...

and i don't even like the clip style sequencer of gadget...but still, its miles beyond caustic IMHO
Lol. Sounds like you gave it a good shot. The clip/scenes of Gadget are what I find so easy to work with. I can work without the clunkiness of a traditional DAW editor window with but one timeline. I guess Caustic has the traditional sequencer layout.
I think I'm new here.
Saturday, October 29, 2016 by person grammatonfeather
Hello. I've been following Discchord for some time.

I'm a Korg gadget user.