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On June 15, 2017 - @Simon said:
There's lots of FX apps in iOs already Tim.

Do you think their FX apps bring anything new to the party?

No. We should petition to stop them bringing their apps to ios.
You can lead the campaign and i know one other person in Kentucky who will support you.
Groovebox by Novation
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 by person grammatonfeather
On June 14, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:
I need to be jailbroken to record videos. I didn't upgrade to 10 when there was a jailbreak for it, because at the time the jailbreak was not stable. Now it is, but Apple is no longer signing that version of iOS! I'm screwed until someone releases a new jailbreak, but I expect the jailbreakers are going to hold on to any existing exploits for 11. I may miss 10 altogether!

Ugh, i hate and detest jailbreak. I tried it many years ago for some months and couldn't wait to get rid of it. A disorganised mess. Tried it again in 2014 on my iPad Air 2. It was broken and stuff missing when it installed. Spent 8 hours trying to restore ipad and get rid of it.

I'm not a numpty by any means (well i am but that's not the point)... I run custom android on my phone and have done for many years (on my previous phone too).

But i guess you're used to the jailbreak thing now so as long as it works for you.
On topic i will watch these videos. I haven't used this DAW really.
On June 12, 2017 - @Tim Webb said:
LOL, I've done that angle before. It should be noted that I've lost 17lbs since that intro was recorded.
17lbs. Impressive. I was told by a 90 year old woman that i have to lose weight and stop eating potato chips. I reassured her that i was reducing my intake of chubby-food and exercising.
I had never seen your head front on and close-up before. Only ever from an angle at a distance.
That's the first seaboard that's affordable even to poor peasants like me.
On May 30, 2017 - @stub said:
I'm trying not to sound like a grouchy old man, but this is another one of those glass-rubbers where you are left to guess what everything means/does. And in the end, how much freedom does it give you, and how much does it secretly impose on you.

For example, what scales & rhythms are you permitted to use, and what will you be denied?

I tried to find some documentation. Looks like there are plenty of videos, but the first two that I watched were just more indecipherable glass-rubbing.

My new policy is: "No triplets? No sale." Not that triplets are the be all and end all, but an app that can't allow you to divide a beat into anything but 2 and 4 parts, is just dumb.

Agree don't I. It's been annoying me for sometime with apps. One I looked at recently also had a "clever" interface and it turns out all you could do was generate one phrase with it. Not a whole song or sequence.
On May 27, 2017 - @Laarz said:
Let me give a shout out for iTuttle, a great sounding monosynth with good programmability. The same dev's TB MIDI STUFF is pretty good too.

Not updated since december 2015. I think I'll pass.
Have not purchased any because I don't have a Bolivian mother... :(
On May 20, 2017 - @jimhanks said:
Must be a euro thing. Whut?!
I'm trying to find a reason to get this one but I can't. Already so many synth apps I rarely use and this doesn't seem to break any new ground. Plus the main point of AU is so you can have a bunch of them and this is a CPU hog? I'm missing the point.

You ain't alone. I dunt get the hysteria about these apps either. I think people like to jump on the trendy minimalist thing. One guy said he buys because there aren't many AU synths. That ain't a good enough reason.
I think I'm new here.
Saturday, October 29, 2016 by person grammatonfeather
Hello. I've been following Discchord for some time.

I'm a Korg gadget user.