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exnihilo415 - Son 2-3 House
Monday, February 27, 2017 by person exnihilo415
That's an iPad Pro. That thing has serious horsepower. I'm sure it could handle another 5 (well made) apps before glitching. Previously I had a whole desk full of choice synths and a huge mixer and MIDI and cable snakes everywhere and I just sold everything. I'd just rather have one iPad pro and my B&W; P7 headphones. I get more done musically instead of screwing around troubleshooting and trying to remember what I did last time. Just changing the MIDI channels on 7 pieces of equipment you don't use all the time is a 30 minute job. No more!
Yes! /swoon
Troublemaker by Bram Bos
Thursday, January 12, 2017 by person exnihilo415
On January 10, 2017 - @ConfusedKitten said:

If you select export MIDI (to your DAW), then drive the AU version with it, all accents, slides and ties etc play intact (I'm not sure how) but I just confirmed this with Bram over at the musicAppBlog as I was curious about the workflow too. I wasn't aware there was a slide/tie controller in MIDI but he may be using something else in the protocol to trigger it (alternatively in the export) etc. Naturally if you just drive it yourself generically then whatever it is won't be there; thus that's the workflow!

Thanks for that. I'll see what I can do exporting/importing the MIDI and driving it. I can't say that such a workflow is conducive to the way I like to experiment and keep the winners and ditch the losers. I wish it would just start and stop with MIDI as a standalone app, and that I could select between a rack of patterns with CC or with notes outside the playable range. I may just end up waiting until that becomes a reality or keep using Bassline. Thanks for checking out the workflow possibilities though.
Troublemaker by Bram Bos
Tuesday, January 10, 2017 by person exnihilo415
It really sounds good, this thing. Really good. It bubbles and squeals just as in the video.

To my grand frustration it doesn't seem to respond to MIDI beat clock / start / stop when used as a standalone app. Argh. I suppose that makes it very TB-303 like! Yes, I can feed it notes on a MIDI channel and it will play them and the controls can be manipulated with CC but then all the goodness of that interface with the slide and accent goes away. Please, Bam Bos, just let this thing just start and stop the current pattern when MIDI start and stop messages come it's way!

Rebirth on iOS feels like a simulation of an antique with all the drawbacks and none of the features.

Bassline is pretty ok. If only it sounded better and was simply louder. I do like the app and interface and thoughtful features. At the end of the day it just sounds weak.

Now, this... Shut up and take my money. I sold my TB-3 and that money is standing by for any and all 303 apps that sound good and actually use iOS as Steve (PBUH) intended it to be used.
exnihilo415 - Downbeat Disco
Thursday, November 10, 2016 by person exnihilo415
I don't remember the kit that I started with in Patterning but ended up (as I usually do) auditing a lot of other hats, snares, claps and kicks from the full sample library to see what works best, picking it, and then doing a little filtering to shape the tone of each. It's a great way to work, honestly. Patterning is such a great app. It does lead you into making everything a samba-like extravaganza because you can but that's probably more of a feature than a bug. I've started thinking of percussion as a big wheel now because of it, instead of 16 linear steps in hardware.

The iPad pro can really handle some serious app abuse. For fun, I've loaded up a dozen huge apps doing all manner of hard work and it just doesn't want to choke until you get absurd. The only time it likes to audio glitch on you is accidentally going to the desktop which I accidentally did on my first app switch in the video. If apple made app switching more quality-of-service orientated and the animations less demanding the hardware could do much much much more. I REALLY wish there was a way to run independent duplicated versions of the apps all at the same time. I'd love to have two or three Animoog's going responding on different MIDI channels.
Genome MIDI Sequencer
Wednesday, November 02, 2016 by person exnihilo415
I love Genome. It doesn't try to do everything in the world larding up the interface like a 747. It works, doesn't crash, and the interface is clean and intuitive. Everything I want in a sequencer, really. I wish transposing was better, multi-bar copying was easier and that the keyboard was configurable like Animoog's but that's about it. I use it for everything.
Wednesday, November 02, 2016 by person exnihilo415
"The only other one to work as both standalone and Gadget is iM1" = +1 This is exactly why I picked up the iM1 and now the Odyssey, well... aside from the fact they are just generally amazing. Personally, I just don't like living in the Gadget ecosystem.
All iPad Rave #2
Wednesday, September 28, 2016 by person_outline exnihilo415

Thanks R3pl1c4nt.

Folks seem to misunderstand this video, I was really just trying to show off my wife's amazing taste in bedspreads.

One is a 1st gen iPad air and the other is a iPad Pro.

It's all passive splitters into headphones and recorded on a Zoom Q4. Everything is 100% battery and 100% portable. I suppose I have no excuse but laziness for not recording my videos on mountaintops at sunrise. I have a bunch of 'proper' gear that I use in some other videos but honestly a couple of iPads are so powerful and convenient I'm not quite sure why I have all that kit. Maybe to convince myself that I'm a 'musician' and not just a guy with two iPads which has got to be the about the worst reason ever!

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