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Thursday, April 27, 2017 by person dysamoria
If this is the effort developers are going to put into GUIs from now on, we might as well just go back to EGA mode.
Audiobus 3 Released!
Monday, April 03, 2017 by person dysamoria
I'm still not on iOS 10 on my devices. Too concerned about wrecking their battery performance and slowing them down. Sigh.
Actually, it's the "dislike" button I'm most in need of these days on the Internet. It's fine to remark how someone's post was interesting, well said, or critique otherwise rational comments, but I really need a shortcut for the process of rebutting and trying to drown out nutty and blatantly horrible human [Internet] voices without putting so much time into constructing rebuttals against people who aren't likely to exercise critical thinking in the first place, let alone in reading rebuttals. I would hope that when someone finds their crap getting voted into oblivion by the community, they'll move on. Have you ever met a web troll who said "Thanks to your well-reasoned response, I realize my attitude/behavior/ideology was all wrong and I'm hereby changing my ways"...?
On March 31, 2017 - @stub said:
@Rick Emerson,

Yea, BYE!

Don't mean to be crass, but you referring to liberals as "lib-tards" is undeservedly insulting to liberals, and not very kind to developmentally disabled folks, either. Perhaps you like referring to the Democratic Party as the "Democ-RAT" party. That's clever.

Do you know what liberals call conservatives as an insult? I honestly have no idea.

You claim that you want "honest debate" and you even had a chance here, but you brought nothing to the table but ad hominem attacks. You ironically bemoan all the "logical fallicies" of liberals, you then impressively list strawmen, red herrings, circular reasoning etc, but it boggles the mind that you can't hear it when the right does it. I guess that implies confirmation bias, active information avoidance, and tribal epistemology.

You come here to get your mind off of the liberal crap? You think art and reality are separate? Good luck with your escape. Go and dwell on your comfortable thoughts. Climate change will find you just the same.

Good riddance to you, too.

What a great response. Every comment page should have "like" and "dislike" voting buttons. Every single one.
TF8 Synth by Pier Lim
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by person dysamoria
Are demos still not allowed on the App Store? Because...
More Korg Gadget for Mac Details
Thursday, February 09, 2017 by person dysamoria
I've only spent on Gadget during 50% sales. This price is prohibitive for impulse buying. The introductory price should be the maximum price ever. I agree that the plugin capability makes the price more understandable, though.
"Like truth but with fewer words"... [Laughing]
On January 20, 2017 - @Heretik7 said:
It's kinda like the worthless sampler in GarageBand, perhaps the most embarrassing sampler of all times...almost outdone by all samplers of the 1980's.

It's not worthless. It's designed for simple and quick sampling, not for competing against dedicated sampling software. It works well for what it is. Korg Gadget could seriously use a sampler like it.
Korg Gadget is Coming to macOS
Saturday, January 14, 2017 by person dysamoria
I moved from Windows PC to Mac a few years back when Apple was doing things right. They've stopped that and are going downhill, but I'm not going back to PC or Windows for anything but gaming (and I don't have the money for a gaming setup anyway). I hate Windows and hate PC hardware voodoo. So, for what it's worth, that's my response to the "switching" comment above...
Excellent. This makes Korg's investment in the software look even more strong/committed. I'm absolutely interested in this, primarily for making porting of Gadget projects to my Mac easier. I'm especially pleased to hear the gadgets will support AU.

I suspect I won't be able to use this on Snow Leopard... :-/
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