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Thank you!
maybe they'll come up with a virtual singer next....
Prolly a stupid question, but does Volca work w/ Gadget?
So glad to have "Keith Wakeman" intercede for "Rick Emerson"...I'm sure one (or the other) of them DOES need to be in the band -- have a real noice April 1st!!!
Gotta chime in: self-promotion is great, and important - but being remembered as an irritation and an obstacle will get you DUMPED when it's time to try learning something
Let's Play with LayR
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 by person Trilobyte
Apparently it's a flaw in Safari: Firefox is handling it just fine...which is cool, but annoying too.

Workaround engaged: thanks for the help!
Let's Play with LayR
Monday, March 20, 2017 by person Trilobyte
I see a big whitespace, but otherwise nothing; '12 Mac Mini, Sierra current (10.12.3), Safari

I notice this more and more - I'm also seeing what seem to be template text overlaid on display text (right above this box, 'compose' completely overlaps "Post" in "Post a New Comment". There are other examples.

Hi y'all - freshly registered...really looking forward to seeing this vid among many other.
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