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On March 25, 2017 - @Mike said:
My Gadget is version 2.5.5 and iOS v8.x

App Store is not telling me to update Gadget.
Is it because it needs iOS v9.x ?

I'm afraid so. It is requiring iOS 9.3 or higher now.
KORG Gadget
Saturday, March 25, 2017 by sentiment_very_satisfied Tim Webb
Did you not allow it to access the mic? Perhaps it doesn't enable those gadgets if you don't.

Check your iOS settings: Settings > Privacy > Microphone

You'll see all of your apps with little toggle switches. Make sure the one for Gadget is turned on. This is necessary for most apps to receive any audio input.
On March 24, 2017 - @Cuscolima said:
Amazing cover...thanks for having shared it with us

Glad you liked it too!
Yeah, that was my interpretation too!
On March 22, 2017 - @dysamoria said:
Are demos still not allowed on the App Store? Because...

Nope, but this is Free to try so that's as close as it gets.
Yeah, I think it is a pitfall for all synthesists. I tend go from 0-60 into some insane experimental noise, which I'm loving making, but I know won't be nearly as fun to just listen to. That's why I rarely release anything.

I've always likened experimental music to public masturbation: unless you have a particularly fascinating technique, it is only fun for the guy doing it.
On March 22, 2017 - @lala said:
A10 chips in the iPad pros


(The word replacements aren't funny @tim)

LOL, nope. That's been in there since the original Pro announcement, but it is still funny when it pops up from time to time.
@Bob: That's one of the best tracks I've heard from it! Nearly all of the others are Bleepy Blorpy madness. Which is fine, and fun, but not necessarily good.
@Damian: I cited in the post the iPad Air 2, which uses the A8X: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad_Air_2

You're right about the S though! I've fixed it in the post. Thanks for pointing that out.

The system really hates ultra long URLs. I haven't fixed that yet... in the mean-time, I've featured her here: http://discchord.com/search?searchQuery=digital+jeepney

iVCS3 was also the first app in my Let's Play series: http://discchord.com/appnews/2014/3/7/lets-play-with-ivcs3-patch-design-commentary.html
@stub: If you can read this, question marks are now allowed in forum titles!

Let me know if you notice any other weirdness. The forums are the least tested part of the new site.

Toz Bourne suggested that a topic for the forum would be a clear explanation on how the iTunes links work here. This is a good suggestion, because I've often received emails from people who want to support the site, but aren't sure how the iTunes links actually do their thing. I've probably gotten over a hundred emails like:
"New app XXXXXX is out! Can you put up a link to it, so that you get the affiliate credit?"
I'm extremely grateful to hear people have that kind of thought for me. Even when my finances weren't struggling, I super appreciated the idea that someone would delay their purchase; to wait until they could share the revenue with me. Fortunately you don't have to wait!

By clicking any of the iTunes links here, from the device you're going to purchase on the App Store, you're setting a little identifier on iTunes.

Here is an example, this link goes to Animoog:
The &at;= signifies that my affiliate code is 11l4Kv. This code is automatically added to all links that go to iTunes from here.For the next few hours, any purchases you make will be credited to the last affiliate identifier you clicked on.

The exact way that this works has changed a few times in the past, and I'm not 100% sure how they're handling it now, but the rule of thumb is: Just click on any of my links and when that takes you to iTunes, search for the new app you want.

This also works on other things besides apps. For the next few hours if you purchase songs, TV shows, or anything else on iTunes... I'll get a cut! And my cut does not take any money from you, or the developer. My commission comes out of the 30% that Apple already takes from publishers. I'm not allowed to say how much the percentage I get is, but it's more than 5% and less than 10%.

So thank you very much to everyone that makes it a point of supporting the site by using my links! It all adds up, and is a big help to my overall income.

There is one exception to all of this though, and that's advertisers. Advertisers often have their own affiliate codes, and campaign codes, in their links. If you click on the Howl ad for instance you'll get to this link:
This lets developers track which ad campaigns are driving sales. Since advertiser revenue is still my primary source of income, please use ads to purchase apps you want instead of my links; so that they know their ads are working!
I resisted it for years, partly because I didn't want to moderate one, and mostly because I assumed no one was going to use it. Prove me wrong!