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OK, I love AI jams and algorithmic hoohaa as much as the next moose, but... listening to the demo I have to confess to being kind of underwhelmed: if you can't make those kinds of beats just fooling around on a 16 step sequencer then boy, not sure if any app is gonna help.

Now: I can see there being a use case for people who perform or compose that aren't hung up on their percussive accompaniment, in which case this is probably awesome.

However, even in that case I'm not sure what the difference between throwing in random MIDI drumloops versus randomizing inside this app would be.

To each their own.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
Interesting idea, but Wolfram Tones already does this with more config options... for free.
Friday, April 21, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
HOLY F***ING SH**...

Just started playing with the Choke using Arps... pure insanity.
Auxy is pretty badass, have to say. A lot of fun to use and easy to bang out good sounding songs quickly. Would like a little more control over MIDI mapping but that goes for a lot of apps, generally speaking.
Doh! ( I got duped! 😜)
+1 for "Quit Facebook, quit twitter. Much less junk that clutters up your life :) "

@Rick Emerson - bye. Oh, fwiw: if you eliminated all the 'libtards' from music history then you'd be left with a pretty small selection of pure shit.

And for the record, the real issue is Neoliberalism and late capitalism. :-p
Pleasantly surprised by this one, hadn't heard of it before. Loaded up AUM with Cassini and Tonebridge and got some really cool sounds right away.
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
Anyone else having issues with the keyboard at the bottom (iPhone 7+, latest iOS)?
LayR Walkthrough Preview
Wednesday, March 01, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
Sounds great - the real decider above and beyond anything else.

And looks like it'll be Universal... wise move. If the app size and price are right I'm in for sure.
Thanks for the analysis Tik777.

I've heard a range of comments both good and bad about Gadget, none with the details you provide though. At the price + download size think I'll stick with what I have.
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