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The Death of ReBirth
Monday, June 19, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
lol re: ^Behringer. They've been successfully ripping off designs from other people for a while now, so they're probably pretty good at evading shit like this.

Hopefully doesn't affect outfits like Jomox though. :-\
I can just see the discussion in a boardroom:

Exec: "Well, the problem is that we're a legend in the business, but many of our early successes were total accidents (TB303) and we haven't really put out anything too groundbreaking or too popular lately - and now the market's flooded with all level of competition eating away our sanctified market share. What should we do?"

Accountant: "Hmmm. Time to try and monetize your rep and image by any means necessary - have you thought of doing limited edition sneakers with your branding on them? We need to make the Roland brand tantamount to electronic music religious canon. Anyone heretically using images of your iconic gear will be taxed and hounded until they cease and fall into line with the New Way. Oh, what's a thing that's really hot right now that people aren't sure they need but we can charge through the nose for because, hey, we're Roland! Wait... I know... cloud services!"

(boardroom erupts in evil laughter)
This video actually illustrates pretty well just how subtle compression can be, imo.
Audulus 3 Update
Wednesday, June 07, 2017 by person Nonny Moose
^ Now I'm really glad I didn't buy it.
"Back in my day facebook was a verb and it was what happened when you stayed up late studying and passed out in your study material face-first..."

But seriously:

Fuck Facebook. Fuck them indeed.
The only mobile music site that matters (to me). Cheers Tim.
Just stopping through for a moment to bitch about Patterning not being Universal lol.
Very impressed with this performance.
Ooooh - I got all excited but no MIDI? Hmmm.
I don't pick up a lot of new synths because I have most kinds of synthesis covered well already, but would like to hear more examples just to see how it compares to my go-to 'warm' synths.
If the manufacture was scalable, someone could probably make a decent business out of this... and beat KDJ-One to market, lol.
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