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NanoStudio 2 - Progress Report
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by person Jack Frost
Does anyone know if Obsidian will support user wavetables and not just samples?
NanoStudio 2 - Progress Report
Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by person Jack Frost
From the Forum:
"In the same tradition as NS1's Eden synth, the new synth is intended to be a good general purpose 'workhorse' synth to get stuff done with high CPU efficiency. I'll probably leave more weird and wonderful stuff to all those wonderful developers of Audio Units out there ...

It has 3 oscillators, any of which can be:

- Analogue (all the basic waveforms with the choice of sync)
- Wavetable (for interpolating between a range of new waveforms on the fly)
- Phase distortion (similar to 80's Casio CZ range)
- 3 Operator FM with various different waveforms and envelopes for each operator connection/feedback parameter
- NanoSaw (8 detuned saws, similar to Roland supersaw), with stereo option
- Noise (a range of different noise spectrums with additional LP/HP/Band/Notch filter)
- Sample (including multisamples with crossfades etc), with stereo option

Each oscillator can be assigned to a velocity range (with variable crossfades) or used in the usual layered mode. You can set one of the oscillators to bypass the filter section if desired, and two of the oscillators can ring modulate.

I really wanted to do some granular stuff but I could see it taking a long time so I shelved it for the time being. However, the sample oscillator has a 'spectral loop' mode in addition to the usual time based looping, which can make some pretty interesting effects - think of putting the sample through an infinitely long reverb, sampling part of that reverb tail and creating a seamless of loop of that.

There are 2 filters which can be:

- LP/HP/BP/Notch with a range of different slopes and the choice between 'digital' or 'analog' (the latter has a drive control and much more resonance).
- EQ peak or shelf
- Comb
- Formant
- Waveshaper

The 2 filters can be configured in parallel or series, or switched to stereo mode to become a Left/Right pair.

There's an additional global stereo filter with the same options as filters 1/2. However, this filter is applied globally to the output (all voices together) rather than per voice. It's handy for tweaking the EQ as a whole or applying distortion to the whole mix, that sort of thing.

The synth has 3 effects which can be applied in any order:

- Multi-FX (chorus, flanger, phaser, ensemble)
- Delay (stereo, cross, ping-pong etc.) with beat sync
- Reverb (various rooms, plate and hall)

Of course you can apply more effects as mixer inserts, but the ones above seemed the best candidates for inclusion in the synth itself.

Finally, there's a mod matrix similar to NS1's Eden, but it's now easier to use as you can just tap on a destination control create a mapping.
PPG Infinite Preview
Tuesday, August 01, 2017 by person_outline Jack Frost
On August 01, 2017 - @Nonny Moose said:
WIsh they'd update PPG MiniMapper. It still works, but the UI has needed an overhaul for ages.
PPG Minimapper was just updated last month, but you can contact ppghans@yahoo.com
PPG Infinite Preview
Monday, July 31, 2017 by person_outline Jack Frost
I am not Bob Dylan. Jack is my actual first name! I'm just someone who has been playing with Wavegenerator and other cool iOS synths for about a year. I am also the same person as notjustakorgsupporter on reddit
PPG Infinite Preview
Monday, July 31, 2017 by person_outline Jack Frost
Wolfgang Palm confirmed with me on FB that this app will not work with wavetables, so it could be a new kind of wavetable/spectral synthesis.
NFM by Nikolozi Pty Ltd
Monday, July 31, 2017 by person_outline Jack Frost
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