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KORG iMono/Poly by KORG INC.
Thursday, August 24, 2017 by person Heretik7
From my experience (and keep in mind everyone's creativity differs),

I found PPG Infinite to be very underwhelming...its very metallic, thin, and harsh for my use. As with other PPG apps, its also not the most straight forward gui, and easy to program app. I also have all the PPG apps...of which I use Wavemapper the most by far....and perhaps phonem here and there. If you are into digital noise efx, cold metallic sounds ala absynth, infinite may be great for you.

In my OPINION, I have already used Korg iMono/Poly on 8 tracks versus 0 for infinite, Infinite for me was a waste of money.

of course this is all opinion based on my use, and other folks may absolutely have an opposite opinion.
KORG iMono/Poly by KORG INC.
Wednesday, August 23, 2017 by person Heretik7
Press and hold track name to rename, I think.
discchord 6th Anniversary
Saturday, August 19, 2017 by person Heretik7
Wait until you see jellyfish tanks....omg!
For gadget you can just use AudioCopy or Audioshare, they both record, they both have deeper editing features, they both can send samples to gadget, or most other sample players.
I still believe the sampler in GarageBand mobile is super underwhelming...maybe if you could sample with it and place it into another device such as the drum machine, or alchemy would make more sense, but just using it as a Casio sk1 is ...well, that old school.
BeatMaker 3 by INTUA
Tuesday, July 18, 2017 by person Heretik7
Yes there is quantize, and it supports to 1/64
And there is swing

Time signatures 2/4 to 19/4
The bottom number stays 4, unless I'm holding my mouth wrong
Hope this helps
BeatMaker 3 by INTUA
Monday, July 17, 2017 by person Heretik7
Yes you can change the time signature to say 5/4, 3/2...whatever you want
Yes the grid goes to 64ths or can be off as well (real feel, no snap)
Yes there is normal, triplet, and dotted
BeatMaker 3 by INTUA
Monday, July 17, 2017 by person Heretik7
As far as tracks go, each pad 8x128 is a full fledged (sampler/plug instrument) with its own piano roll etc, and then there are audio tracks and bank tracks.

I believe there will be more bank tracks in the future updates from what I've read.

It's kind of like everyone getting hung up on the scene launcher...there are three areas in the sequencer pattern, scene, or song...with the last one being a linear song mode.

I believe the problem lies in the fact that the launch instruments are bank instruments instead of pad instruments using pad tracks...but just like in beathawk, each pad is a full instrument and has its own piano roll sequencer.
BeatMaker 3 by INTUA
Saturday, July 15, 2017 by person Heretik7
Yes there is midi note editing for AU etc

Once u add an AU instrument...push the (x) top left, then hit the sequencer icon on the left side, once in sequence there's a tiny keyboard icon on right hand top of Seq window.
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