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I mostly use AUM and have held off on buying AB3. Not because I don't want to contribute, just trying to simplify my work flow. Maybe AB3 is the answer?
Code has now been taken. Cheers Steve
Very cool Tim. I won a code but have Audulus already. PM me on my Facebook page if you'd like my code.
Site looks good and I like the new commenting functions. If I should be so lucky to win an Audulus code, I'll happily pass it on to someone who hasn't bought it yet. Now if only I could buckle down and use it instead of just intending to. :)
I really like the Red Sky Lullaby presets. Great job especially on the patches that evolve over time.
On March 24, 2017 - @Charlie said:
Yes, Rosario records.

Great update but do we need another drum machine? Or am I missing the point.
Thanks @Charlie
Might be jumping to conclusions considering I've not chance to try out the new gadgets, but I only see one recording app. Does Rosario record as well as being a guitar effect processor?
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 by person Frozen Lonesome
Thanks Tim for sharing! I've had MoodScaper (and PianoScaper) for a while but hadn't really checked them out before. Super fun and nuanced apps. Both are recommended. For more info, check out Discchord's App Guide

MoodScaper -
PianoScaper -
Made in my town - Winnipeg!
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