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Man, I wish some devs would work on replacing the rest of the band for us drummers... 😉

But really, why are there not more apps that will auto generate and "jam" via permutations leads, bass, chords, etc?

Only thing I've really found for that is Chordbot, and they seem hard set to not have any midi out except for export...

Oh well...
Sweet! If you don't have this app, buy it. It's one of the best drum/percussion synthesizers, hardware or software, ever made.

The way that he implemented the envelopes as totally arbitrary and infinitely editable is amazing and yields sound and textures that are basically impossible to get anywhere else. The intelligent randomization/morph feature to help discover cool new sounds is also worth the price of admission alone.

The only thing this app needs is midi controller learn functions so that you can tweak sounds while it's in the background.

Save your money...

I tried it as it sounded very similar to an approach I've been working on for a few months, whereby rhythm and melody is built up via cycles... kind of how this looks...

But this is pretty weak. Ok, it's .99 so there is that... but as far as I can tell there's no way to constrain notes to any kind of scale! That's insane! And it want to puke midi out to every damn synth you have open. There are switches in the settings, but even if you turn them off it turns them back on again. Bug.

So, in typical reachable fashion... create something that sounds amazing on paper or phosphor or LCD, but falls waaaayyyyy short in the real world.

But I'll say in untypical reachable fashion this is cheap! If they were following their typical model this should cost like $50. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by person DrüMünkey
I always say that I can't play keyboard very well. At least now I can say I can play better than than this app.

This really seems a day late and dollar short now that we have AUM. AUM has it's amazing bus sends, very capable built in effects and utilities, etc. AUMs midi routing/matrix is almost perfect (just needs some kind of ability to do basic manipulations of midi signal like scaling or inversions of cc).

What will AB 3 have that sets it apart competitively or creatively from AUM?
On February 22, 2017 - @stub said:
IIRC, Genome was pretty limited as far as meters and tuplets. So that must have changed in a subsequent update? I bought it once and then got a refund because it was too limited rhythmically.

MTS and Auria Pro are very flexible, but you can't trigger patterns like you can in Genome.

The clip triggering is essential. Kind of the entire point. 😊

Genome has ability to set time sigs like 5/4, change track grid to trips and increase and decrease resolution down to 64th, while also having trips. So unless youre sequencing for Dave Brubeck or Meshuggina or however the hell its spelled, you should be fine.
This has got to be the BEST Euclidian generator ive seen. Seriously, the integration of the scales and the AMAZINGBALLS transformation button... Holy shit!

If this had Link, midi in to control trigger parameters, and of course midi out... OMG! Reason enough to buy an ipad and put it in your modular rig!

On February 16, 2017 - @Paul said:
Great. Really good system. I am having trouble with the AUM routing; could you clarify the routing that is hard to see in the video? Instruments run through EFGH... Then EFGH and H run through the effect busses and from there back the A, the last send in the main channels, but then they route out to what? Is that channel B? Does B run to hardware out? I cannot get any of the effects audio out unless I run them straight to hardware out instead of to A. Can you explain?

EFGH are the send busses on each instrument channel, thus they are at the top of their respective effect channel (Reverb on E for example)

All the instrument tracks run to B, which is basically null. It's a dead end
All the effects (EFGH) run to A at the bottom
The trick is that all the instrument tracks also have "A" in a send location (post fader). That way I can, for example, lower A send on drums, pump up the send to reverb, so all you get is a wet reverb sound. Obviously all send FX are 100% wet. Most of the time.

On February 16, 2017 - @TBIRD said:
Where is the link for this template Dan?
I'm not Dan ( :) ), but I may share the template on the MDP forum, but honesty, the odds of someone else being able to make use of it is pretty slim. It would take as much time to get it working in another environment as just building a new one that works how you want it to.
On February 15, 2017 - @Hx said:
This really is great.

I wonder how much effort it is to route all the MIDI every time for setup? That is something I find to be a hassle with multiple apps on an iPad.

That's the beauty of AUM and using AU's. As you indicate, I've done other big mapping projects with stuff like Elastic Drums, and I always end up in tears because in things like AudioBus, etc. mappings aaaaaaaalllllwaaaayyyyssss get jacked up.

I did this massive mapping project with two of my FaderFox's to control Model15. Spent like 3 days on it. Came back later, and somehow it was all fubar...

But to get this running all I have to do is:

Launch AUM
load the project
Load Genome & load it's project
Load MDP

Boom, it works.

I was POSITIVE that after I did all this work, like you wrote, I'd never use it again because of needing to rewire everything, but I don't.
I'm striking out here.

I need a really basic audio editor app to slice up and edit long audio files.

It needs to have a beat grid and snapping
It needs some basic crossfade ability so if I cut out a section I can join the remaining pieces seamlessly

Blocs Wave almost works for this, but it totally chokes on large (I.e. Hour long GB sized) files.

I don't need or want a full daw...

Anyone know something that fits this bill?