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Saturday, September 09, 2017 by person DrüMünkey
This app is seriously awesome.
Try this at home kids...

Ruismaker and FM with random Euclidean and some mutation on a few channels PLUS troublemaker with some mutation...

It's a never ending techno session... Run them through some effects and it's like a 3 hour Chris Liebing set! :)
As you guys are all droning on about drum machines that can drone... you must, without hesitation buy Seekbeats. It is, without a doubt, the BEST drum synth on iOS. HANDS DOWN. In terms of synthesis opportunities I put it on the same level as my Analog Rytm. Not sound quality obviously, but in terms of the compete control over synth parameters.

I ignored it for a long time because the ui looked so... amateurish? But holy shit. It's fucking amazballs!!

1) the way he implemented envelopes is fucking genius. Like seriously out of this world awesome.
2) the randomization feature is worth 2x the price of admission.
3) the sequencer is the most versatile and novel. You can set pretty any combo of overall beat length and steps per beat for some totally wackballs time signatures.
4) the ability to control any parameter via velocity with this unique range slider that can be inverted is so fucking bad ass, especially if you play it with midi drum pads. Soooooo expressive! Soooo much fun!

It really needs a few routable LFOs though... And maybe note based chromatic pitch options.

The fx are a little odd, but I don't really care because of the ultimate party trick.


Route each voice to a unique channel in AUM and just go insane on fx.

It then becomes essentially an 8 voice multitimbral monophonic synth.

The only thing I'm still begging ol' Rodrego for is midi cc control input...
I would throw handfuls of money at the dev of fugue machine if he would please, for the love of god, add midi control... I want to use it so much more, but the fact that it insists on being the top app to make any mods ruins it. He'll just the ability to play/stop tracks would be nice. Or transpose. But CC control over track length, play directions, etc. would make this perfect.

I've been begging him. Maybe if more people begged?
On July 29, 2017 - @MikeV said:
I'm glad "west coast" is getting some play on iOS. This looks stellar like all the other Bram Bos stuff. It would be fun to have a "west coast" "east coast" summit with this app and model 15 doing the same content in unison. Put some acoustic drums on there and then it could be iSilver Apples.

East coast / west coast battle: Ripplemaker v. Mood
Preeeety sure you could get the same thing with a herd of hamsters walking on the iPads... but then he would not have been able to get a government grant... I need to get a government grant...
Well, I guess that's one way to deal with the pain of app switching... just have an iPad for every app... holy crap...
I'm willing to give it a shot as they FINALLY updated Modular...
Dear lord... between this monster, Mood, and Ripplemaker... if you're into modulated weirdness, just lock yourself in a mountain cave somewhere for a month...

Ok, a mountain cave with power
And food and water
I would love love love it if this app supported midi cc relative mode in addition to the pickup and scaling options...
I'm striking out here.

I need a really basic audio editor app to slice up and edit long audio files.

It needs to have a beat grid and snapping
It needs some basic crossfade ability so if I cut out a section I can join the remaining pieces seamlessly

Blocs Wave almost works for this, but it totally chokes on large (I.e. Hour long GB sized) files.

I don't need or want a full daw...

Anyone know something that fits this bill?