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I only have an iPad 4 but I checked the .ipa file and it looks to have 64-bit support (cpu16777228).
Great sounds and visuals. Well done!
I just don't like the look of the AIRA range. Black with green leds is so 2005 video gamer. But the TR-8 is more flexible.

They got the look right with the TR-09 and TR-08 but blew it by not having seperate outputs which is a must for a drum machine. Even with the USB connection you can only break out 4 sounds and you need a Mac/PC as the connection isn't class compliant.
If the USB had been class-compliant I would have been all over this.
And now I'm hungry...
The demos I've heard of Phosphor 2 until this sounded like crap to me. Awful presets I guess.

Props to ADJM for dialing in something that sounded nice.
Awesome! I was hoping they'd port this one over.
Let's Play with Ripplemaker
Friday, July 28, 2017 by person Bob
"Clowns losing their minds"... love it!

I'll have to pick this one up at some stage. It all feels familiar coming from the 0-Coast. Hopefully Bram will add some animation to the modulated knobs and step sequencer in a future update. It would really help with visual feedback.
Modular Synthesizer
Thursday, July 27, 2017 by person Bob
After a long, long wait we finally get a new module: a bitcrusher called LOFI.
Pulse by Pulse Code, Inc.
Sunday, July 09, 2017 by person Bob
Was hoping Modular would get more modules over time...
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