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Kittens & SebtiSynth

Matthew Tyas has been an excellent source for videos relating to DIY synths, but now he's providing YouTube with what it needs most: MOAR CATS! Here is a mad tune from an Axoloti, while curious kittens explore it.

Video Description:

Homemade synth and kittens
A synth isn't a real synth without a kitten & synth clip, so here we go.
The music was made by overdubbing the synth in question (an Axoloti)

Strisoboard and iPad

Matthew Tyas, seen here previously for his awesome rooftop busking on an Axoloti, brings us another unique instrument performance. In this video he's connected a beta Strisoboard MPE controller to his iPad. The Strisoboard must be his own creation, because his videos are the only results in a Google search for it.

Video Description:

practicing playing the strisoboard MPE controller, using Thumbjam on an iPad

Future Floods - Virginity Busting

YouTuber Matthew Tyas brings us a unique take on mobile music from a rooftop in Spain. This is awesome! Using a custom Axoloti, this dude is getting wildly glitchy; yet it still sounds cohesive. And all of this is happening live!

Video Description:

from the "future floods" project, this performance was executed using a single axoloti board. Recorded in Amposta, July 2016

Matthew Tyas - 2015 Summer Tour #8

Matthew Tyas is making some gritty nasty sounds in Lorentz while overlooking a beautiful Pyrenees vista.

Buy Lorentz on iTunes: $5.99

Matthew Tyas - Summer Tour #6

Matthew Tyas posted this insane outside jam, which is filmed on a beach but sounds like it takes place in a farm...
during the Apocalypse.

Video Description:

Outside jam, using Samplr on iOS. The portable amp is the Roland mobile cube. This jam was recorded in the Bearn, on the 28th of July 2015

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

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