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tomorrow the cure - Lost & Found

tomorrow the cure, who has been posting YouTube videos as DreamsOfWires, released an album composed of found sounds. He includes a nice description of his process:

"All tracks were created using 'found sounds', which I re-synthesised or manipulated within either Nave, Samplr, or iPulsaret on an iPad. No external gear was used, apart from a handheld audio recorder to capture the original sounds."

DreamsOfWires - Korg MS20 Mini & M3000

YouTuber DreamsOfWires uses a hardware MS-20 Mini with the Mellotron M3000 app to take us soaring!

Video Description:

Single track of MS20 accompanied by the Musitronics M3000 'Mellotron' app for the iPad.
Reverb provided by Audio Damage's 'EOS 2' app.
Please don't ask further questions about what gear or apps I used.
Flight footage is somewhere over Canada and landing at Vancouver.

DreamsOfWires - Korg Arp Odyssey Live Improv w/ Arpeggist

DreamsOfWires did a live jam on a hardware Odyssey, which is sequenced by VirSyn's Arpeggist app.

Video Description:

Just playing around with some old patterns from my earlier Arpeggist video - The Odyssey is receiving MIDI from Virsyn's Arpeggist and tweaked in realtime. The iPad is out of shot (on my lap!), but I'm triggering and transposing the two patterns manually, whilst recording the output into AUM. I've a habit of using a ton of reverb and syncopated delays, so I thought this time I'd just use a bit of reverb to allow people to hear the Odyssey more clearly.
I'm using an iConnectAUDIO4+ to handle audio and MIDI duties, and reverb is from Virsyn's AudioReverb.
Filmed with a LUMIX GX7 and an iPhone SE. I also added some of my gameplay footage from Half Life 2 as it seemed to fit the music better than the usual views out of train windows :P

DreamsOfWires - arm's length

DreamsOfWires is jamming out on a hardware Korg Arp Odyssey, with Patterning on drums.

Video Description:

A rough and simplified version of something I've been working on for the next 'album', performed live, and on this occasion with Patterning (iPad) providing percussion - I really like this app, yet despite owning it for a year I hadn't got around to using it in a recording. It's deliberately low in the mix, which probably won't translate well with YouTube audio compression and without headphones.
Reverb form Virsyn's AudioReverb, recorded in AUM.
Footage is of various beaches visited on two separate days at different ends of the country - Norfolk and Northumberland (UK).
No technical questions please; I don't do gear reviews or user advice, I just make music with instruments that interest me.

DreamsOfWires - Korg Odyssey & Mersenne in the Garden

YouTuber DreamsOfWires did an impressive sounding peformance on his Korg ARP Odyssey with Mersenne!

Video Description:

...for no particular reason, other than it was a nice night, so I'd been sitting out there messing around with Mersenne on the iPad: I found something I liked using it's arpeggiator, so I recorded a couple of takes, tweaking the sounds in real-time, and then decided to bring the Odyssey out there too and lay something simple over the top of it. The Odyssey part is meant to be a little in the background, as I didn't want to drown out the sounds from Mersenne, because it produces some really lovely timbres.
Video footage is of a recent trip to Europe. No technical/gear questions please; I'm a perpetual n00b, and as always it's just intended to be music for music's sake, in the off-chance that someone else might enjoy it. It's not instructional or critical.

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