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The UI in SampleWiz may seem a little goofy and cluttered, but it allows for a great level of control and provides a number of different possible uses. You can play it as a straight-up sampler or you can take it to new levels of crazy resampling, and everything in between. I was initially put off by the clutter, but I respect it for all that it allows you to do, and that is quite a lot! Fortunately its complexity is easy to get into with a handy "Help Mode" to describe any of the many controls. Some of the key features are the ability to play with the waveform or play it along a keyboard in different scales. I wish the keyboard was similar to MorphWiz, which allows for assignable morphs along the vertical axis of keys.

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I have used SampleWiz on a few tracks now, but I am not a fan of the interface, if you like JRs UIs then this will work for you but I find it very irritating. Also annoying is the frequence of crashes, the locking up of the audiocopy/paste functionality which means restarting the app and, most importantly, the horrible "SAMPLEWIZZZZZ" that comes blaring out every time you start the app. It is possible to do good things with Samplewiz, but the overall feel of the app is a gaudy toy rather than an app you can do serious work with.

August 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpantsofdeath

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