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Fuck everything about this. A lot of companies, like Korg, offer amazing App experiences without worrying about it compromising their hardware sales. Reactable is less generous, offering only very limited functionality with a couple of sequencers, oscillators, filters and some sample looping. This seems like a lazy attempt at making it a universal app; crippling every device to run on the slowest. Reactable is the only app I have ever asked for a refund on because it kept crashing my iPad 2; I was not alone in this complaint on iTunes. It took them 6 months to finally patch their import tool that was causing it. In terms of Reactables actual use it is quite innovative in allowing for elements to interact spatially, but with the limited number of elements the dynamics are very finite.

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The potential is THERE for Reactable! But ... with 2 sample loops, a couple of voices and a single sequencer? That's just way too minimal for making anything more than minimal ambient at best. :(
Like I said - the potential is THERE for update with far great variability in sequences and voices AT THE SAME TIME.
Right now though? I'm just holding on to mine as with a few other packages - hoping for a major upgrade.

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRicharius

Gah, I wish I had read this review before I read the glowing iTunes reviews. I was astonished about how limited Reactable is, which makes it not even fun to play around with after ten minutes. "Modular", yeah right... Officially it doesn't even have support for importing your own samples into the Sampleplay module.

August 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFreja

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