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With the fragmentation of Music Apps between AudioCopy/Paste and PasteBoard, Hokusai is your bridge to getting them playing nicely with one another. Supporting both formats, seamlessly, it is a godsend. Almost as a bonus it is also a full-on audio editor, with fluid controls. Working with samples is a breeze once you get used to it. See it in action in my BeatMaker 2 Review

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New category: almost awesome, but frustrating.

No select all!
No markers
No snap to zero crossing
I manage to make a selection one out of three swipes.
Big list of everything you can do in alphabetical order. Monster voice and dc offset before reverb? Handy. A favorites or recently used list would be most welcome. A full UI reconsideration wouldn't be bad either.
No amplitude zoom and/or track height to full screen (see zero crossing comment)
No tempo/beats aware ruler ( snapping would be lovely ). A big use case for me is grabbing loops from jams or from synth apps that have a record feature not fixed to bars (Cassini, nlog, DXi...).

These are sources of frustration for me almost every single time I use it. I'm glad I bought it because it has been very useful at times but most times, there's an awful lot of cursing.

August 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWill

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