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Unlike most granular synths, Grain Science was designed to behave like a normal synth. You've got all of the parameters you're used to, and it can be used as one of the best wavetable synths on any platform. Additionally there are many interesting assignable effects. The "science" comes in the form of elaborate modulation methods that go beyond typical ADSRs. If you want to get into the granular stuff you can sample, import and record your own sounds to tweak and retweak. There is full MIDI support (including Virtual), an excellent "MIDI Learn" implementation. Watch the full review here.

Development continues with a recent update that added an Animoog style ribbon controller, as well as an improved Arpeggiator and more effects.

Disclosure: I received my copy for review from Wooji Juice.

Reader Comments (2)

From the extreme power in this software, I myself say ESSENTIAL! Please note though: that's IF, you're a synthesist / sound programmer yourself as well. Whilst there are some wonderful patches in Grain Science for the 'average Joe' to call up and play with, the power is 'under the hood'. Amazing amounts of sonic potential lay barely below a wonderful simple and small amount of controls within this beast! Ear pleasing and / or tearing sonicalities that you haven't even been able to imagine, are possible from this piece of brilliant code!

June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRicharius

This app is great. I've spent countless hours making soundscapes with this thing, and the level of control it gives you over various parameters with its "Science" modulations means you can finely craft sounds. The UI is well done and makes the whole app very easy to use

In a market over saturated with boring virtual analog synths, it's great to see an awesome app with a different take on synthesis for iOS, and it's universal, too. Being able to use this on my iPhone in addition to my iPad is a real boon when most iOS synth apps are being released for iPad only.

February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterK△LT

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