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iTunes Description:

MDDX2: Performance Tool for reface DX by Ibo Kai is a performance-oriented MIDI controller for the reface DX. The reface DX, launched at Summer NAMM in 2015, is a modern, mobile version of the DX100 (one of the most underrated synths of the 1980s). The reface DX focuses on portability: 37 mini keys, a built-in speaker, optional battery power and a low price point are some of the big differences from the original.

Like every layout by Rainer-Award Winner Ibo Kai (see, this one-screen layout is beautiful, well-conceived, and packs a lot of punch. As the author says it: "While I think [Yamaha] created a great UI for programming FM voices, which is lightyears ahead of the old DX synths, plus you can play a loop and change a couple of parameters on the fly, I found I wanted some even more direct access to live-tweaking several things in parallel.

"This layout is pretty simple, just one page shows all the available functions. It is mainly what you find in the 'FM' keypad of the synth: frequencies, levels and feedback settings separately per operator plus the algorithm select.

"On top I added Amp Mod, which is the LFO routing to the operators levels, plus the 2 parameters for each effect unit. Please keep in mind that these depend on the original settings of the selected voice. E.g. if there is no effect selected for one of the units, the according knobs will have no - well, effect.

"Finally I added two system functions at the top: 'Speakers' switches the internal tiny speakers on or off, while 'LCD contrast' control might be useful in live situations, depending on the stage light.

This App requires iOS 9.2 or better, and an iPad air or later is recommended. All graphics are drawn in code and optimized for all Retina screens, including the 12.9" iPad Pro.

Want to customize further?

MIDI Designer is the engine that powers the MDDX2 app. Upgrade to MIDI Designer Pro 2 to create your own pages, reorganize, and redesign to make your own YAMAHA layout. Then share it with the vibrant MIDI Designer Community. MIDI Designer is community-powered and this layout is one of our finest demonstrations of the power of you, our users.

MIDI Designer is easy to use, infinitely flexible and customizable, and battle-tested in performance. It's the most-respected MIDI controller platform for iOS.

* * * * dream | create | play * * * * *
Find out more:
Daily updates on Twitter: @midiDesigner
Daily updates on Facebook: /midiDesigner

Any questions, comments or bug reports welcome!

Z-Drums 2 Pro

iTunes Description:

XME Inc. has created BeatPad, Pocket Studio, Music Healing and other great apps that have been featured by Apple & iTunes all over the world. We are proud to bring you another music app that you'll love!

Z-Drums 2 Features:
* CoreMidi - Plug in a midi keyboard to control the drum racks
* Beautiful Design and Rich Functionality
* Mastered Drum Kits and HipHop Samples
* iPad and iPhone compatible
* Built-In TapTempo/Metronome
* Quantized Recording Capability
* Built-In Demo Song
* Low Latency
* Play Live in a band with Z-Drums Pro
* Use your Z-Drum Recordings as the drummer for your Musical Shows
* Share your drum solos with friends
* Send your Z-Drum Song files to friends for collaboration
* Built-In Kits: Session Drum Kit, Session Kit Wet, Extreme Kit & HipHop Kit.
* Updates are Always FREE

KeyBud TV - Music Theory App

iTunes Description:

KeyBud is an application for all the music students, composers, and enthusiasts.

- Select your scale, tonic and see the changes in circle of fifths.
- See the changes in scale table.
- Change scale table mode to one of many chords or the scale of notes.
- Its free for C Major scale, but you can upgrade to full version via in-app purchase.

KeyBud is available on Mac, iOS and tvOS!
Mac and iOS versions also have MIDI support, check them out on AppStore or at

Also KeyBud offers its MusicTheory, CircleOfFifths and PianoView components free on Github for Mac, iOS and tvOS!
Check them out at:

Supported Scales:
- Major
- Minor
- Harmonic Minor
- Melodic Minor
- Pentatonic Major
- Pentatonic Minor
- Pentatonic Blues
- Pentatonic Neutral
- Ionian
- Aeolian
- Dorian
- Mixolydian
- Phrygian
- Lydian
- Locrian
- Dim half
- Dim whole
- Whole
- Augmented
- Chromatic
- Roumanian Minor
- Spanish Gypsy
- Blues
- Diatonic
- Double Harmonic
- Eight Tone Spanish
- Enigmatic
- Leading Whole Tone
- Lydian Augmented
- Neopolitan Major
- Neopolitan Minor
- Pelog
- Prometheus
- Prometheus Neopolitan
- Six Tone Symmetrical
- Super Locrian
- Lydian Minor
- Lydian Diminished
- Nine Tone Scale
- Auxiliary Diminished
- Auxiliary Augmented
- Auxiliary Dim Blues
- Major Locrian
- Overtone
- Diminished Whole Tone
- Pure Minor
- Dominant 7th

Supported Chords:
- maj
- min
- aug
- b5
- 5
- dim
- 6
- minor 6
- 6add9
- minor 6add9
- Dominant 7th
- Major 7th
- minor 7th
- minor Major 7
- aug7
- dim7
- 7b5
- m7b5
- 7#5
- m7#5
- 7b9
- m7b9
- 7#9
- 7#5b9
- sus4
- sus2
- 6sus4
- Major 7sus4
- 7sus4
- 9sus4
- Major 9 sus4
- 9
- Major 9
- minor 9
- minor Major 9
- add 9
- minor add9
- 9#11
- 9b13
- 11
- Major 11
- minor 11
- minor Major 11
- 7add11
- Major 7add11
- minor 7add11
- minor Major 7add11
- 13
- Major 13
- minor 13
- minor Major 13
- minor Major 7add13

Wotja Pro 2017

iTunes Description:

Wotja Pro 2017 for iOS is the *non-subscription version* of Wotja for iOS, an all-in-one tool for music creativity, creative writing and creative relaxation. Seriously deep, it delivers useful creative ideas, fast, and can *help break creator's block*.

Wotja Pro 2017 has the same features and capabilities as the free Wotja subscription version with PRO tier active. It will be updated in tandem with the subscription version up until the end of 2017 after which time it will no longer be updated.

If you want further updates after that you would need to purchase the *next* non-subscription version or simply get the subscription version and purchase the IAP level that best suits you.


*Break Composer's Block*

Let ideas flow with "generative music".

Easily mix together 100s of editable generative music templates (randomly or manually). Customise as you wish with editors for generative music composition (including text-to-music) and sound design. Wotja's sound engine features many modulatable sound units, FX units & SF2 (you can also use your own) and allows use of audio loops in Paks. Supported: Core MIDI / Virtual MIDI Out/In, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.


*Break Writer's Block*

Create new ideas for lyrics, poetry, songs, haiku etc.

Use the cut-up text editor to randomly select words from up to 5 user entered Source text fields + User Library + Wotja Word Bank. Lock what you want to keep and iterate until you are done.


*Kick Back & Relax*

Use random mix generation and text-to-music.

Quickly & easily create beautiful, personal reflective music mixes to playlist or share.

• Help break writer's block with new ideas for lyrics, poems, songs, haiku etc.
• Help break composer's block with new ideas for melodies, songs, etc.
• Create, play & playlist high quality, royalty-free soundscapes: ambient, drone, relaxation, mindfulness, experimental etc.
• Experiment with generative (MIDI) music composition and sound design
• Drive other MIDI synths via MIDI Out

Wotja for iOS is not Liptikl, Noatikl, Mixtikl or Tiklbox for iOS. It's a new tightly integrated app that coopts the best of each (+ more besides) and provides a forward migration path for files created in them. Bottom line: We're better able to improve usability and deliver important new features & creative possibilities.

• Guide:
• Forum:
• Privacy:
• Terms:

• If you make and/or share a wotja make sure you don't infringe the copyright of others.
• Wotja is required to play a Wotja File or Wotja Music URL.
• FREE Loop Paks -

Please send it to @intermorphic on Twitter, via our forum or through our website contact form. We're always improving Wotja, so thanks for your support & interest!

DA ONE Synth

iTunes Description:

The DA ONE synthesizer app provides you with a powerful synthesis engine combining digital and (virtual) analog synthesis methods, such as wavetable synthesis, vector waveform mixing, subtractive, additive, and frequency modulation synthesis. The individual blocks of this synthesizer are connected using an innovative and highly flexible routing system that allows millions of different configurations of oscillators, filters, and distortion blocks.
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