Nanoloop Mono

YouTuber James Chip did a preview of Nanoloop Mono, for OG mobile musicians that have a Gameboy handy. This new version of Nanoloop sports a true analog synth built right into the cartridge! Pre-orders are available now for €69, and will ship December 3rd.

Video Description:

Nanoloop mono is an analogue synth for the nintendo gameboy. This video is just a short view of what it is. Once i have had it a bit longer i will upload some better quality jams with it, but this should give you an idea of what sounds it can make.

Nanoloop is available from

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Strisoboard and iPad

Matthew Tyas, seen here previously for his awesome rooftop busking on an Axoloti, brings us another unique instrument performance. In this video he's connected a beta Strisoboard MPE controller to his iPad. The Strisoboard must be his own creation, because his videos are the only results in a Google search for it.

Video Description:

practicing playing the strisoboard MPE controller, using Thumbjam on an iPad

Synth Jam: Novation Circuit

Marcus Padrini, from, posted this fun jam on his Novation Circuit.

Video Description:

First jam with the Novation Circuit. Simple and a lot of fun.

Roli BLOCKS Sensitivity Issues

YouTuber Scott K is one of the first people to get his hands on the new Roli BLOCKS. Unfortunately he immediately ran into some issues with the light pad's sensitivity; seemingly ignoring his hits altogether. Scott documented his issues in this video. There were some reports of problems with Roli's Seaboard when that first came out too. Reader Carole let me know about her ordeals with a defective unit, which was replaced by Roli with a second defective unit. They kept at it; shipping units back and forth until they got her squared away though. Their QA may be shit, but at least they have some truly resolute support.

Video Description:

I recently purchased a Roli Lightpad Block and ran into some issues playing drum racks in Ableton Live 9.7. Even with Ableton Live closed, the bright flash that indicates a group/pad is "triggered" doesn't go off ~30% of the time I touch it.

Kickstarter: OAK Augmented Reality Platform

ToneTree Inc. just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new Augmented Reality platform called OAK. The package includes a dock along with some AR cards that you can interact with. The whole package doesn't look as polished as OrigaMIDI from 2013, but they do emphasize its usefulness to musicians in the promo.

You can get in on an Early Bird Special for $60, which includes the Rockstar Kit, but expect to wait a while. They won't ship until August 2017! By then we'll probably be seeing AR goggles instead of fucking around like this.

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