Anna Straker - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Cover)

YouTuber Anna Straker did a stunning performance of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You on Pocket Operators. This sounds way better than the original! I love the combination of her velvety voice with the plinky-plonking POs!

Artificial Noise: Mini-Pre

Canadian boutique manufacturer Artificial Noise has announced the Mini-Pre pedal. This pedal is based on the "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, with a 3-Band EQ. The pedal was designed with overdrive harmonics in mind, which adds analog warmth to digital sources. This includes apps, as demonstrated in the demo below! Pre-orders are now available for $USD175.

Video Description:

"Mini-Pre" - Pre-amplifier and 3 Band EQ Effects Pedal by Artificial Noise

It may be called "Mini" but that's not how it sounds!

The name comes from it's circuit design which is based on "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, along with a classic 3-band Equalizer makes for a warm, woolly and thick sound. The Mini-Pre is 100% analog, with the preamp portion a vintage-style transistor based design and the EQ is a clean Brown-Burr opamp design that can cut or boost approximately 15 dbs in each of the 3 bands:

HI - wide band 4kHz and up
MID - Narrower around 600Hz
LO - wide band 100Hz and down

The Preamp can go from soft warmth to full on Fuzz and sounds great taking line-level instruments or hi-z ones like guitar. Switch is true-bypass.

Controls include:

- Pre-Amp: Controls the gain, from soft warmth to overdriving fuzz tones.
- Vol: The output volume.
- LO: Controls the Bass frequency cut/boost.
- MID: Controls the Mid frequency cut/boost
- HI: Controls the High frequency cut/boost

Each Mini-Pre is hand numbered and made in limited, small batches from our shop in Winnipeg Canada.

The Mini-Pre runs on 9v DC power supply which is included in the price.

FOR MORE INFO, visit us online at:

*The audio was recorded directly into a Resident Audio T4/Macbook Air, no other effects, compression or audio treatments were used.

Midi Designer Pro: Setup for Elektron's Analog RYTM

Reader The Drümünkey developed a new way to sequence Elektron's excellent Analog RYTM drum machine, using MIDI Designer Pro. If you don't have a RYTM and just want to hear what that sounds like, skip ahead to about 57 minutes. Yes, a whole hour, this is quite long... so get comfy!

Video Description:

First, this video is pretty long. If you have a short attention span or are easily distracted, maybe just fast forward to

Second, it’s mostly aimed at owners of the Elektron Analog Rytm that may be interested in an idea or two on how to sequence it differently, as well as how to expand on its modulation capabilities (automating PERF as well as using external LFO’s) using an iPad and leveraging the amazing Midi Designer Pro

Third, even if you don’t have an AR, if you program drums or percussion, I think my ideas on sequencing each voice on it’s own track, thus breaking the paradigm of pattern=all voices is something worth thinking about.

Lastly, the sounds and patterns/sequences are REALLY basic. Sound are the init patch, and the sequences are just ones I threw together for this demo. So don’t expect much musically. That said, I think it is somewhat illustrative of my primary point that LFO driven pattern selection as well as LFO driven modulation via automation of the AR’s PERF can yield some interesting stuff… If you listen to the pathetic little “jam” at the end, even from such humble beginnings you can kind of (if you really, really really try) hear the embryonic beginnings of some interesting grooves. Maybe.

Regardless, enjoy the monkey… Or Orangutan… Whatever… :)

Also prob. worth mentioning... Except for me activating a few high hat and kick sequences, the entire end is basically playing itself based on the minor little setup I did in the tutorial. Ahhh modulation madness...

iPad Pro Hardware Sequencing and Mixing

YouTuber Todd Smith did a demo jam and explanation of his current mix of hardware and iOS apps. The demo jam ends at 2:00, where he begins to go over the hardware.

Video Description:

In this video I'll give a full breakdown of my current setup with the Apple iPad Pro and my hardware synthesizers. The JU-06 supplies the bass line and the Microkorg is played live. The Apple iPad Pro supplies all mixing, sequencing, Piano and live synths played from the M-Audio Code 49.

I'll be doing more detailed videos/tutorials on the software side of the Apple iPad Pro in upcoming videos. Plan on seeing MANY jams using this setup in the next few months. I'm building a live set/new album.

:Gear Used :

Akai XR20
Korg Microkorg
Roland Boutque JU-06
Midi Solutions Quarda Thru
M-Audio Code 49
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

: Synthesizer Tutorial Playlist :

: Live Jam Playlist :

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CTRLCap - Squeeze your fx

App developer Herrmutt Lobby has entered the world of hardware with CTRLCap, a €120 fader cap that sends MIDI messages as you squeeze! That seems pricey, but it looks awesome in the promo video. CTRLCaps are shipping now, but are made-to-order so there is a 3 week lead time.

Video Description:

Ever tried to add FX while scratching without breaking your flow? As both hands are already busy to control the fader and the record, it's pretty much mission impossible...
Unless you own a CTRLCap.

With its cutting edge technology, CtrlCap adds expressive controls at your fingertips!

Pinch it lightly or squeeze it firmly to send expressive midi controls to your FX, stage name it.

Replace your dead plastic fader Cap with a CTRLCap and get to the next level.

More info at

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