Hellcore - Waiting for Dinner

Hellcore is hungry for the souls of the unbaptized, and feeling an agro beat on his gear with Elastic Drums.

014london70 - Session 5

014london70 posted an excellent Deep House jam session on his Circuit and Craft Synth, with Modstep!

Video Description:

Deep Session 5 Recorded to Audioshare on iPhone via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

Synth Jam 49: Blade Runner (End Titles) Cover

Marcus Padrini from MusicApps.com.br did a beautiful cover of the Blade Runner theme on his Korg Radias!

Video Description:

A simple version of a great classic from Vangelis. All the sounds played by Korg Radias, except the Timpani (MOXF6).

ExperimentalSynth & Friends - Improvisation

Chris Stack, aka experimentalsynth, had his friends Ben Hovey, and Sally Sparks over for an epic improv trio!

Video Description:

This is the first time Ben played with Sally and me and things just seemed to gel right away. Since I was mostly handling sequencing and background textures, I was able to shoot a bit of video and stills while we were playing. Instruments and tools used include: trumpet, Haken Continuum, (virtual) piano and Rhodes, Ableton, DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, Make Noise Shared System, Eventide H9, Borderlands, Animoog and probably a few other things that I've forgotten or was not aware of. I particularly enjoy how Sally's brassy Continuum timbres intertwine with and compliment Ben's trumpet work. And when you hear trumpet and Rhodes happening at the same time, it's because Ben was playing them at the same time. No overdubs here. All recorded live. An incredibly enjoyable musical experience that I hope we can soon repeat. - Chris Stack

ngarjuna - Captain Smartypants

YouTuber ngarjuna did another modular Acid jam, with Samplr and Patterning!

Video Description:

Modular Jam 68 - 'Captain Smartypants'
Produced by ngarjuna
© 2017 Acid Coast

Patch Notes:
First Acid Voice
Abstrakt Instruments Avalon VCA out to
DinSync.info VCF-303 with help from AD Sequencer 1
modulated a smidge by Octocontroller LFO
Into uVCA enveloped by the VCF-303 ENV out
The LFOs is my fingers (on both cutoffs)
This was piped into the Synthrotek Eko RATE modulated by Sequencer 1 LFO

Subsequent Acid Voices
Same LFO setup

Olympia Noise Co. Patterning
You can see some of the poly-rhythm happening in the video (different step lengths for different instruments)

Samples and Scratches

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