Peter Synthbrothers - Korg Live Jammin

YouTuber peter synthbrothers has got a bunch of Korg gear in this Vangelisish jam!

Video Description:

Same track as yesterday, now playing live WITH video.
Used gear:
*drums: korg electribe ESX & E2(with FX Space)
*baseline: korg monologue
*arpeggio: korg monologue(with eventide space)
*strings(IPad korg module phased strings) midi out from minilogue
*trumpet: keys on Roland S50, midi out to IPad(Thor synth)
I recorded video with the same IPad, which play the trumpet sound :)
Hope you enjoy

RX-5 / JU-06 / D-550 / SDE-1000 Sketch

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this fun jam from Zachary Berry; on a Roland JU-06, D-550, and SDE-1000 with a Yamaha RX5. He's sequencing all of this using the original Auxy app... which you can no longer download.

Video Description:

Messing around with the older version of Auxy (which still has MIDI out functionality) triggering the RX-5 on drums, JU-06 on bass and D-550 for chords. The clap of the RX-5 is routed through the Roland SDE-1000 delay. I wasn't super happy with the end result but it was still neat to see how the iPad can play with hardware so I figured I'd uploaded it anyway.

Tekno Pirate - Hardcore Acid Jam 2

Jack - Tekno Pirate is back with an epic Hardcore track. This one takes a while to build up, but it sure does!

Video Description:

Live Hardcore - Dark - Mental - Acid - Experimental à l'Electribe 2S, Beatstep (midi sequenceur/controlleur pour Ableton), et iPad (midi controlleur pour Ableton)
On continue l'entrainement ...
Bonne écoute !
free download :

Lien SoundCloud:

MoonWolf - Novation Launchpad Controller & App

Reader MoonWolf got a Novation Launchpad controller, which he's hooked up to the app for this live performance. He's even throwing in some ad libded vocals!

Video Description:

Just checking out the Novation Launchpad controller & app. All rights reserved.

Tomas Kim - Live Jam #21

YouTuber Tomas Kim had a nice chilled out jam session on his Electribe 2 and Volcas! The Volca FM in particular really shines in this session.

Video Description:

Live jam using Reason 8 with Korg Electribe 2, Volca Bass, FM and akai midi controllers.

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