Kickstarter: Joué - Modular MIDI Controller

Joué is the latest Kickstarter campaign begging for your cash. This modular MIDI controller lets you swap out different control surfaces on the fly. It is class-compliant and iOS compatible. They even use Animoog in the promo.

Their campaign goals are modest at just $75,000 and they've already secured 33% of that in the first day. If you're interested you can get in on this for between €260-€345. Pay close attention to the different backing tiers because you get different modules for different packs. No matter which pack you choose, you'll be waiting until at least August 2017 before they ship.

Video Description:

Joué, the expressive and modular MIDI controller that feels like a real instrument.

Available now on Kickstarter:

DJ Fong Fong - Reloop MIXTOUR Showcase

DJ Fong Fong is featured in this impressive set to show off the Reloop MIXTOUR, a $200 all-in-one DJ controller for iOS and Android.

Video Description:

DJ FONG FONG performs with Algoriddim's djay 2 DJ App and Reloop MIXTOUR DJ Controller.

djay 2 - DJ App:
Mixtour - DJ Controller:
DJ Fong Fong:

Novation Circuit, Volca, iPad, Waldorf - Electronic Jam

Reader Plekyn Records posted this fun bleepy-bloopy jam on a whole bunch of apps and hardware!

Video Description:

This is next meeting with Novation Circuit, Korg Volca Bass and iPad Mini with Launchkey app, iProphet, Nord Beat 2 and Launchpad app (end of video).
Circuit synh with iPad and send Midi note to Launchkey channel Midi 1. Nord Beat 2 send Midi note to Waldorf Rocket. iProphet I use like synth.
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Plekyn Records 2016

James Chip MIDINES Jam

James Chip posted what he feels is an unfinished jam on MIDINES, and I feel is some awesome ChipDub.

Video Description:

Hello there crew of the chip ship, if are not crew why not subscribe and become part of the crew!

MIDINES is a cartridge for the NES that turns it into a MIDI synth.

I have throw a lot of my half finished songs out because i get tired of listening to them on loop while in a creative rut. I just fall out of love with them. When some people hear them though they seem to not think they are as bad as i do and often think i should work on them to get them finished. Here i present to you unfinished work, if people like what they hear then i may well finish it and put it up as a free download of r you all online.

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Sonic LAB Novation Circuit 1.4 Firmware

Gaz Williams, and his glorious mane, went to the Sonic State studio to show off the 1.4 update for Circuit.

Video Description:

After a year of updates, Novation's Circuit has undergone something of a transformation. With user samples and switching patterns, external MIDI and a whole bunch more.
Gaz Williams revisits..

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