HalutioN - 3x VOLCA FM feat. Druweed

HalutioN did a duo with Druweed on 3 Korg Volca FM synths, and it is awesome! I love these sounds!

Video Description:

No VOLCA's were hurt during the filming of this video!

We teamed up again with Druweed to record a crazy 3x KORG VOLCA FM jam. All the sounds in this jam are coming from our 3 Volcas + heavy processing via Line 6 M5 (drive), Octatrack (Compressor, Filter, Reverb, Freeze Delay) and Behringer VD400.

Check out our second jam: https://youtu.be/c239cm7fuMc
..and his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4fl...

Visuals: https://vimeo.com/21229638

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Making Of Arturia AudioFuse

One of my favorite TV shows was How It's Made; for the hypnotic quality of watching machines operate and the insanely condescending way the narrator would refer to the poor sods that had to worked there. Arturia brings us some of the former in this look behind the scenes of their stylish new AudioFuse interface.

Video Description:

We invite you to step into the delivery room and witness the birth of an interface. From the drawing board to your studio, you can see first hand how AudioFuse is created.

More info:

haQ attaQ - KORG plugKEY MIDI & Audio Interface for iOS

Jakob Haq reviewed the KORG plugKEY, a $100 MIDI & Audio interface. In this video Jakob shows off his epic custom MIDI controller, the DUBMASTA MIDI CONTROL, which is obviously the best way to play Gadget!

Video Description:

I love stuff that is truly portable and easy to use. The KORG plugKEY MIDI and Audio interface for iPad and iPhone, most certainly falls into that those categories. Here's my review of it and this time, I've focused hard on trying to make the video look as awesome as possible. Check it out!

KORG PLUGKEY ► http://www.korg.com/us/products/compu...

DUBMASTA MIDI CONTROL ► https://youtu.be/wSvp7PX3E0c

KORG GADGET PLAYLIST ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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ROLI Seaboard Block - First Look

Sonic State got an indepth look at the new $300 ROLI Seaboard Block keyboard.

Tekno Pirate - Breath

YouTuber Jack - Tekno Pirate posted this jam on his Circuit, with a BeatStep controlling BassLine.

Video Description:

Live Chill avec Novation Circuit et Beatstep (midi controlleur/sequencer pour iPad)
Premier test du Circuit et c'est synchronisé à la main (ça décale un peu vers le milieu)
Bonne écoute !
free download : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDT...

Lien SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacktekno

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