Sound of Izrael - 4 Monsters Jam

YouTuber Sam Izrael posted this live jam with "4 Monster synths" including a Korg Minilogue, Nord Lead 2x, with iOS apps Animoog and Troublemaker on his iPad.

Video Description:

sound of izrael presenting A live jam with 4 Monsters synths...
Korg minilogue
nordlead 2x
Animoog (ipad air 2)
Troublemaker(ipad air 2)
drums played by Sinebeats and Patterning (ipad air 2)
also included:audiobus 3

this is a 132 bpm session...enjoy!

Controlling Hardware with modtsep

Rezzonator continues his tutorial series with a look at how he's sequencing hardware synths from modstep!

Video Description:

In this video I give a quick overview on what the app can do to control external hardware such as the Volca Bass, Minilogue, System 1, TB-03, TB3 etc. I also show how easy it is to map your own midi cc messages.

Check out the other videos in this series via this playlist link -

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Performing Cello with Electronics - Musing with Inbal Segev

Cellist and YouTuber Inbal Segev shares her setup for recording and performing. This includes a nice iPad stand, and an iPad running forScore!

Video Description:

Hello Cellists,

In this video I am talking about the best cello mic and the use of iPad for reading music. I hope that this demonstration is helpful for those of you who are considering expanding into this territory!

Please let me know if you have any comments and/or questions, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for watching!!

Here are my recommendations:

I use the d:vote™ 4099C Instrument Microphone for Cello:

This is a good and reliable foot pedal, although you may want to try something newer:

Newer one here:

The iPad stand I use is no longer available, but here is a similar one:

Mobile Electro Jam At Graveyard Feat. PO-32 Tonic + iPhone

YouTuber Perplex On posted this beautiful jam, both in terms of the music and video! In addition to the featured PO-32, he's making use of Animoog for iPhone and a QuantumVJ!

Video Description:

This is a very minimalistic outdoor jam just using the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic and an iPhone running Poly app sequencing Animoog. Visually supported by a QuantumVJ glitch visualizer. Everything recorded live on spot with a Zoom H2. Filmed at an old historical graveyard.

This track is a free download:

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Looperverse, Rav Vast, Yamaha Reface DX, and HS NA Flute

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul has been having a lot of fun blending acoustic and electric elements with her newly aquired Rav Vast drum. Here she's jamming with the drum and a NA Flute, accompanied by Yamaha's Reface DX and Looperverse!

Video Description:
** Rav Vast Drum made by Andrey Remyannikov in Perm Russia :
Encouraged by the great response my last video got using my Yamaha Reface Dx and my Rav Vast and Reverie Harp ; I decided to do a completely live improv by playing the Reface and looping it in the new app by Retronyms called "Looperverse" using my condenser mic. The app worked really well. By setting up an 8 measure loop it just kept adding extra tracks so that I could keep layering the Rav drum! This time I also wanted to try and use my HS NA flute which is in the enharmonic minor Bm (D major is the key of the Rav). Here is the result. I hope you like it. Again the birds were really a big part of this song.
Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for the downloadable version of this song and the last on bandcamp!

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