MIDERA - The Last Alternation

MIDERA mixed a lot of synths in unique ways on this track. He's got a nice cool space vibe from the Spectralis, Virus, and Radius, but the Electribe EMX is adding some grit with its tube distortion. All of this is being controlled from MIDI Designer!

Video Description:

Radikal Technologies Spectralis 2 (sequencing, bass)
Access Virus TI (pads)
Korg Radias (lead/bass)
Korg EMX (drums)
Eventide Space (reverb)

I created a layout in MIDI Designer Pro 2 to edit all three FX parameters using XY pads for each. Pretty basic, but fun none-the-less. My iPad was connected to a bluetooth MIDI device (Yamaha MD-BT01).

Kalkartronic - Mini Jam #26

YouTuber Kalkartronic did a wild jam on his Volca Keys, original Kaossilator, and PO-12... with some surreal background video that really drew me in.

Video Description:

Mini Snyth Jam #26 by Kalkartronic: "The Nightingale"
Set-up: Bastl Kastle LFO to snyc in of the Korg Volca Keys, from there sync out to Teenage Engineering PO-12, Korg Kaossilator in stand-alone mode.

Cam: Ricoh WG-M1
Recorder: Edirol R1
Background Movie: Essential Dance Film - The Nightingale (excerpt)

Thanks for watching!
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Peter Synthbrothers - KORG LIVE JAMMIN' with ANIMOOG

YouTuber Peter Synthbrothers is jamming with his Korg gear, including an Electribe EMX, Minilogue, and Monologue. To top things off he's also got Animoog in this mix!

Video Description:

KORG LIVE JAMMIN' (improvisation, all recorder at once)
used gear: Electribe 2, electribe esx, minilogue, monologue, Animoog (iPad), Toneworks fx

Laurent Bouchard - Apotruche5

YouTuber Laurent Bouchard is up to all kinds of crazy in this fun track with his Novation Circuit, Elektron Octatrack, and an iPad running FM4 for a heaping of extra blorp.

Video Description:

The Novation Circuit sequences itself and then is fed to a thru track on the Octatrack. The bass track comes out of it.

FM4 on the ipad is routed to a recorder/flex in the octatrack for live mangling and is reponsible for the FM lead.

All else is samples i'v designed then sequenced and altered in the Octatrack.


Raspberry Pi Looper/Synth/Drum Thing

Reader Otem Rellik built a "Looper/Synth/Drum Thing" out of an inexpensive Raspberry Pi 3, with a funky custom control surface! As you can imagine this project took him quite a while to construct, but holy shit this looks like so much fun!

Video Description:

My first venture into raspberry pi stuff. Running a custom pure data patch I've been working on for a couple years on a Raspberry Pi 3. This project took a couple months and I'm still tweaking stuff here and there but it's pretty much complete, it even survived it's first live show!

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