Peter Chers - BeatMaker 3 with Hardware Synths

YouTuber Peter Chers did a fingerless-glove jam on BeatMaker 3 with a Moog Mother 32 and Dreadbox Erebus!

Video Description:

Intua BeatMaker 3 is awesome groovebox with Ableton style production workflow.
In addition, it is great for sequencing an external hardware device. Thank you Intua for this App!

Tutorial: Novation Circuit Mono Station - Analog Drum Machine

YouTuber loopop did a tutorial for the brand new Novation Circuit Mono Station, turning this paraphonic synthesizer into a drum machine with parameter locks and other tricks!

Video Description:

With parameter locks and some filter and modulation tricks, the Novation Circuit Mono Station can be a fun analog drum machine.

Here's a link to download the template kit used in this video:

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Kickstarter: mPIANO by Jordan Rudess & ALPHA Pianos

Reader Joe alerted me to the next Kickstarter campaign that is sure to end in a fiery death of fail.

Before I lay into this one I want to point out I like Jordan quite a lot. Sure he shills a bunch, but I don't hate a man for his hustle. In my own limited experience with him he's seemed like a super nice guy, and anyone who has talked to him will say the same.

But this pipe dream was literally doomed from day one. No one can deny how stylishly cool the mPIANO looks, but at a staggering €8,000 (USD$9,435) they were only ever going to sell 1... to Jordan. That's exactly what happened in the first day of the campaign where they raised a little over $9,000. Two days later the campaign is now sitting at $10,565... of a $753,625 goal. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?! Imogen Heap couldn't meet half of that for her gloves! And those gloves were an entirely new kind of awesome.

The keyboard has a lot of interesting tech crammed into it. Each of the large keys is basically its own touch screen. They've already released an iOS app for controlling how vertical gestures are translated into MIDI.

It's a shame all that tech comes at such a high price, because there is no way in hell they are going to sell enough of these on Kickstarter to pull it off. It looks like a lot of fun to play in this demo though!

Todd Smith - Live Studio Jam 8/10/17

YouTuber Todd Smith Music did a live jam on his Korg Minilogue and MicroKorg, with a Roland Boutique JP08, and an iPad running a bunch of apps including both Gadget and Auria! I just noticed Amazon has a sale on the Boutique JP08 for $100 off! Reader Carol let me know that Sweetwater has the Boutique JX03 on sale too!

Video Description:

This jam mixes iOS and hardware. Korg Gadget supplies the drums, backing synths and vocal sample loop. The Teenage Engineering Op1 throws in some extra samples recorded from the radio, which I trigger live. The Roland Boutique JP08 and Microkorg are both played live, JP08 is played live via Novation Impulse 49. The Korg Minilogue and Roland JU-06 are both on sequencer duty.

All hardware is sequenced via Mod Step and audio multitracked in Auria Pro. This is truely pushing iPad to its limits.

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: Hardware :

Korg Microkorg
KORG Minilogue
Roland Boutique JP-08
Roland Boutique JU-06
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Novation Impulse 49
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

: iOS :

Korg Gadget
Audio Bus
Mod Step
Auria Pro
Fab Filter Timeless 2
Fab Filter Pro Q2

Marcus Padrini - Synth Jam 53 editor Marcus Padrini did a hardware laden jam on a Virus Indigo, Circuit, Moog Sub 37, Mopho, TJ-130 bass pedal, and JP8080. The JP8080 is being controlled by the TJ-130 and ChordPolyPad!

Video Description:

A synth jam combining a Bass Pedal MIDI controller (TJ-130) and the ChordPolyPad app for iPad for controlling two synths at the same time(Moog Sub 37 and JP8080).

Bass: Moog Sub 37 controlled by TJ-130 MIDI Bass Pedal.
Synth Pad: Roland JP8080 controlled by TJ-130 & ChordPolyPad.
Lead: Access Virus Indigo.
Drums & arps: Novation Circuit.
Lead 2: DSI Mopho Keyboard.

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