014london70 - Deep Techno Session 6

YouTuber 014london70 posted some excellent Deep Techno using a Novation Circuit with a trio of Volcas, along with Sunrizer and Poison-202.

Video Description:

Got the kit out again for a quick jam. Volca Keys, Bass and Sample along with Circuit Sunrizer and Poison 202. (Unmastered)

Keith McMillen Instruments BopPad

The always inventive Keith McMillen has invented a new take on a virtual drum pad with BopPad.

Made of a smart fabric, the $200 BopPad promises latency below 3ms and an extremely wide dynamic range when measuring velocity and continuous pressure.

There are 4 independent programmable zones on the pad, and you will be able to manage and assign them from their Web Editor.

The BopPad is even compatible with mobile devices! Embedded below is a playlist covering introduction and performances on the new pad.

Novation // Circuit 1.6 Update

Yesterday Novation released a 1.6 firmware update to their Circuit hardware. The update includes community requested features like Panning. Embedded here is the overview for the update, but check out the official NovationTV YouTube channel for more new 1.6 videos.

Video Description:

We've created the Circuit v1.6 firmware update using most-requested features, bringing the community’s imagining of the Circuit sequencer, synth and sampler to life. Discover more about Circuit v1.6


Arturia Audiofuse Review & Live Looping Test

YouTuber loopop did an excellent review of the new Arturia Audiofuse interface.

Video Description:

The Audiofuse is a pro grade audio interface - but can it live up to the expectations as a portable studio hub?

In this clip I demonstrate simultaneous live looping threads, including live sequencing and looping of a Moog Music Inc. Mother-32 via MIDI DIN and the Genome Sequencer iPad app; controlling and looping a software synth via USB MIDI (the KeyStep controlling KORG's iWaveStation, routed through Audiobus into Quantiloop), routing and control of the Mother-32 audio via 8 in ADAT using the Behringer ADA8200 and an optical cable, a Fender guitar is hooked in through the Audiofuse's instrument input, and routed through Audiobus on the Apple iPad into a Positive Grid BIAS FX amp, a phantom powered Audio-Technica condenser mic through a different input, routed into the VirSyn iVoxel vocoder app on the iPad, and a Novation launchpad sequenced with blinky lights to top it off. The Olympia Noise Co. Patterning app is providing the beat. The iPad is on a Cremacaffè Design KOSMO stand


Christopher Kah - Session XV (Roland TB-03 & iPhone 5S)

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this excellent effort by HighWav with a Roland TB-03 running into a Jomox T-Resonator II, with drums and samples provided by GarageBand on his iPhone.

Video Description:

Less material you have, mores ideas you need…
Focus on the essential for me, the Feeling...

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