tffshtt - Nothing to Undo

YouTuber tffshtt uses his Roland GR-1 guitar synthesizer as a sound module with a Deluge sequencer and a Linnstrument. He's changing internal GR-1 settings with TB MIDI Stuff.

Video Description:

A little jam using the Roland GR-1 as a multitimbral sound module sequenced by the deluge. The deep bass drum is a sample (mfb 522) being played from the deluge. The rest comes from the GR-1. The ipad is controlling the internal effects and volume levels of the GR-1.

Shazam TheMagickMan - The Mastero El Medicino

Shazam TheMagickMan, not to be confused with Shazamm The iPad Producer, has got bunch of gear laid out before him. Here he jams out some "World Music" with a Native American vibe.

Video Description:

Another Episode of Shazam TheMagickMan BeatLab improv dawless worldbeat jamming (Using Roland HPD-20 HandSonic & Roland SP404A Sampler &Roland; RC505 Looper + Novation MonoSynth & Novation Dual Circuits & Novation Launchpad Pro & Korg WaveDrum & Pioneer RMX-1000& Roli Seablock + both Roli Seablock And Launchpad Pro Using as sound Source iPad Mini with Moog Animoog App And GeoShred App)

Yamaha TQ5 with MIDI Designer on iPad

YouTuber quadratschulz has created a free MIDI Designer layout for use on the Yamaha TQ5. Going for around $200-350 on eBay, this is one of the cheapest vintage synths out there, and the one most closely resembling an answering machine. The TQ5 is impossible edit without an external MIDI controller. If you already have MIDI Designer then you now have a free controller option! Credit to MATRIXSYNTH for finding this video!

Video Description:

The Yamaha TQ5 is probably one of the most underrated and cheap synthesizers today. Manufactured in 1988, where it was clearly targeted to the consumer market with barely any parameters to edit at the device, it's actually an TX81z in a box with nearly all of its functionality available via MIDI. The desktop unit was designed by Hartmut Esslinger's company Frog Design that was also responsible for many legendary industry designs back then for Apple, Wega and Texas Instruments to name just a few.

Here you can see the Yamaha TQ5 connected to an iPad running the MIDI Designer app and the Yamaha TQ5 layout. More details here:

In theory (I have not tested this) this layout should also work with other Yamaha FM synthesizers (e.g. TX81z), since the MIDI specification is largely compatible between these two synths.

elshuffles: sketch #15 - Volca FM, MicroGranny, Loopsynth

YouTuber elshuffles did a richly textured ambient jam on his collection of portable gear!

Tiny RobotZ - Future Loop

YouTuber Tiny RobotZ did some awesome Future House on his Volca Keys with the Roland TB-03 & TR-09

Video Description:

Korg Volca Keys
Roland TB 03
Roland TR 09
Korg Kaoss Pad Mini
Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB

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