dtlj: 0-Coast + Chordion + Volca FM + Ableton

YouTuber dtlj jams out with Chordion and a collection of gear including Volca FM and a 0-Coast.

Video Description:

A simple generative lead patch being played on the Volca Fm via Ableton along side live 0-Coast being played by Chordion(App) and then ran through Flashback2/Hall of Fame 2

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Bastian Maure - Home Live Set

YouTuber Bastian Maure takes us on a trance journey with his Korg Monologue, Volca Sample, and Samplr!

Video Description:

Home live set 06.06.2018

© 2018 Bastian Maure

Deidream - Sleur (Gameboy, PO-12, HM300)

YouTuber Audioshit is making some angry noises with his mobile chiptune collection on this Hardcore track.

Video Description:

Gameboy with LSDJ playing the melody.
PO-12 + HM300 Distortion pedal = That dirty beat


Paul Ortiz - Ambient Guitar Jamming

YouTuber Paul Ortiz is pretty hard on himself in the description of this jam, but I loved it! He's recorded the guitar into Borderlands Granular and is then jamming with it on Volcas!

Video Description:

Oh sick, managed to record in stereo this time but the sound is kinda messed up. Just more experimenting. Biggest issue is coordination, and the lack of any way to change patterns on multiple devices at once. I guess this is where higher end synths would have the advantage but, it also makes you work creatively so it's all good!

Kickstarter: Miclop - Ctrl X

Ctrl X is a hardware synth that just launched a Kickstarter with a modest price! You can order one of these slick beasts for €299/$350. That seems like a bargain for anything that looks this good with a built-in sequencer.

Correction: It is not a standalone hardware synth. This is more like a controller with a software synth. I misidentified it originally.

They are still quite far from their $90,000 goal. If they make it, they hope to begin shipping in February 2019.

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