MRMidi - Mixed Reality MIDI Experiments

YouTuber KOALAB looks like a mad scientist in his latest video experimenting with Mixed Reality MIDI controllers. Here he combines several different technologies across macOS and iOS. The hardware is also a mix of off-the-shelf gear like Leap Motion, with off-the-fucking-wall gear like the $400 Bridge helmet for iPhone, and even some custom hardware for monitoring hand rotation. All tolled this experiment probably cost a small fortune. So it is unfortunate that the setup suffers from noticeable latency; while flat-out ignoring some of his commands! Still this gets the discchord Stupidtacular seal of approval for sheer inventiveness.

Video Description:

It is a virtual MIDI console that can be used with the same sense as a hard MIDI controller.
I applied for GUGEN 2017.

MR(Mixed Reality): iPhone + Bridge SDK(
Hand tracking: Leap Motion(
Recognition of hand rotation and tap: a self-made hardware
Data processing of various sensors, MIDI assignment and MIDI output: a self-made Mac application

VJ Franz K - Stranger Beats

VJ FRANZ K brings us some Horror House on his Electribe! If you like his lighting setup for this one, he also posted a couple of videos showing off his haul of post-Halloween lights he picked up on sale.

Video Description:

🎃👽🤖 Original Music for Halloween! Composed with KORG ES2. ⭐️ Join my Patreon to see the creation of this track, and the alternate first take. More exclusive content to be added soon…

Roland TR-808 - Revenge Of The Wannabes

Offworld Network did an excellent comparison between TR-808 clones. The video starts with a short history of the classic drum machine, before comparing it to the modern TR-08 and TR-8 as well as iOS drum apps.

Video Description:

Comparison test of the Roland TR08 , TR8 and a few ios TR808 apps for iPhone & iPad. All recorded direct to Audacity through the Focusright Saffire 6 USB interface. No FX, No EQ, No compression added.

The Aefonic - Live

Brian Horsfield produced a richly atmospheric ambient session using a bunch of gear and Animoog!

Video Description:

Aefonic Live @ Madellife Nov 2017
A live Ableton Live 9 Ambient Electronic session with instruments contributions from Moog Animoog (IPAD), Moog Sub37, Omnisphere, Native Instruments Maschine, Maschine Jam, Midi Fighter Twister

ROOM. #38 - Fede Manfredi [Live]

YouTuber ROOM. jammed out an hour long set on his desk full of gear with Megallan!

Video Description (Googlish Translation):

Fede Manfredi is an electronic musician from the city of Adrogué, Buenos Aires. In this solo project, he embarks on a journey into the most hidden and enigmatic of electronic music whose premise revolves around sound experimentation and the search for textures and passages that invite the auditory journey. Among the styles that we cultivate, we can mention the IDM, Ambient, Trip Hop, Techno.
He has presented his music live in different parties and cycles of electronic music of the City of Buenos Aires (Sound Searches in CCEBA, Industrial Fuga Festival , Cycles "Saturdays Sinestésicos", Cycles Prana Pelu, House Nogal, Zyklus, 220 Space Modes, etc), Interior of the country (Santo Noise [Córdoba] La Cupula [Córdoba]) and abroad (Mandarina Sessions, Santiago de Chile).
In March 2014 he participated in the electronic music festival Fuga Industrial together with renowned artists from the local and international scene. Her performances are of an audiovisual nature merging the use of synthesizers, rhythm machines and visual adding effects
She has collaborated with international artists such as Giulia Riboli (Italy) and Maria Olivero (Italy) ( ) in productions and remixes. He also participated as a keyboardist and programmer in various bands of the Buenos Aires scene, such as: PULSE -Tributo to Pink Floyd, Echoes of Pink Floyd, Uniendo Raíces, Cruel, Tripp, The Modniks, Mc Lovin Funk, The Omelettes.

The setup is integrated by the Akai MPC1000 as sequencer and master sampler, sending MIDI and Clock through a MIDI Thru Box to the rest of the modules. In addition, it shoots samples and loops to generate the rhythmic base of the songs. Controlled by the MPC are: the Korg Electribe 2 (which receives Midi and Clock to synchronize the sequencer), the DSO Mopho desktop, the Korg Volca Keys, the Korg MS20 Mini and the Ipad Mini (running the Animoog and Magellan apps). There is also the Korg Monotribe that is controlled by sending Clock through an assigned output of the MPC, which simultaneously controls different parameters of the MS20Mini and the Sync In of the Volca Keys in some tracks. As effect processors you can see the Line 6 POD XT as main and the Korg Mini KP for FXs / modulations of the whole general mix.

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