Marcus Padrini - Novation Circuit Synth Pad/Synth Bass

Marcus Padrini did a minimalist jam using only a Novation Circuit, with some tasteful visualization!

Video Description:

Synth Jam using only the synths and samples from the Novation Circuit.

Peter Synthbrothers - Moog & Korg Jam with Fairlight CMI

Peter Synthbrothers posted this video using his Moog Mother 32 with a Sub 37, as well as a Korg Monologue and Electribe ESX. For even more synthesis he's got an iPad running Peter Vogel's Fairlight CMI app.

Video Description:

start with mother32 sequence
+monologue noise/sequence(with sub37 midi), monologue not (yet) synced to drum (get my midi in,3out box this week)
some drums: sonic potions lxr + electribe esx
IPad: fairlight sound
fx: eventide space and boss re20

Todd Smith Music - Live Studio Jam 8/27/17

YouTuber Todd Smith Music did a Gadget-based jam with an Elektron Digitakt, OP-1 and MicroKorg

Video Description:

Korg Gadget is the heart of this jam. Korg Gadget supplies all the drums, sequencing and various Gadgets. All Gadget filters are controlled via Novation Impulse.

Korg Microkorg is played live while the Teenage Engineering Op-1 and Elektron Digitakt supply the samples.

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: Hardware :

Korg Microkorg
Elektron Digitakt
Teenage Engineering Op-1
Novation Impulse 49
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8
Apple iPad Pro

: iOS :

Korg Gadget
Audio Bus 2
Auria Pro
Fab Filter Timeless 2
Fab Filter Pro Q 2

Kickstarter: Specdrums

This week Specdrums launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their quasi-augmented-reality music rings. They look like fun, and work with a dedicated mobile (iOS & Android) app. They seem to have found an audience because they instantly shot past their $15,000 funding goal. At the time of this writing they are about $50,000 beyond that!

Since the project has been successfully funded they hope to begin shipping the rings in January 2018. If you'd like to pick up a pair you'll need to back them for $74. Their demo makes that price pretty tempting!

Peter Chers - Late Summer Jam

Peter Chers got some impressive sounds out of his Volca Keys with BeatMaker 3 and a Moog Mother 32!

Video Description:

hybrid setup with software groovebox BeatMaker 3 and hardware synthesizers (Moog Mother 32, Korg Volca Keys). M5 Line 6 used as effect processor.

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