Tiny RobotZ - AcidRobotZ 2

Tiny RobotZ gets a massive sound out of his minimalist acid house setup with a Volca Sample, Waldorf Steichfett, MAM MB33, and Roland TB-3.

Happy Doctor Who Day!

While the U.S. is celebrating some madness with turkeys, Pi Synth and the rest of the world are celebrating Doctor Who Day! Here he plays the theme song on a Raspberry Pi Zero. This is an impressive amount of synthesis for the tiny $5 computer. The Pi is even doing the visualization and recording while all of the synthesis is going on!

Video Description:

As always, synthesized live on a Raspberry Pi Zero, featuring 10 simultaneous synths, 3 different synthesis models, audio and graphics captured real-time running on a £4 computer.

It's nice that the software still works - mine has a dreadful tendency to code rot if I look away for a few months. The visualisation is somewhat different since the last time I posted this - the texture that drives the colours is now computed rather than loaded, and as a result it's easier to tweak the visuals, so it all looks cooler and more electro-neon than it did before. The software now runs client/server. Synthesis is within a separate server application, the client is in charge of pushing MIDI into the server, and - unusually - pulling audio back. So the server knows nothing whatsoever about platform MIDI or audio capabilities. Visualisation is also done client-side. So the server does nothing except pull in commands and push out short blocks of synthesized audio.

Slenterende Beer - Volca FM Ambient Jam with Poly

YouTuber Slenterende Beer created some beautiful ambient textures with his Volca FM sequenced by Poly.

Video Description:

I got inspired by other people using the Poly iOS app in their improvisations, so I decided to try it myself.

The Poly app generates notes in a defined range, resulting in polyrhythmic patterns. These notes are sent via MIDI to the Volca FM, which itself plays a loop of a few notes. I decided to with the Xylophone FM patch, without extra edits, just knob tweaking. The FM is connected to the Zoom MS-70CDR, which adds the delay and reverb. The output of the Zoom is sent to the Behringer UCA202 USB sound card, which is in turn connected to the iPhone 7 that is used for recording the video and audio.

Poly app: http://cargocollective.com/mvstudio/POLY

Ngarjuna - Soixante-neuf

YouTuber ngarjuna did another interesting modular jam with apps. This one starts off kind of weird, but he builds in a nice groove by the 1 minute mark.

gattobus - The Wind Forest (Analog Physical Model CELLO)

When I saw Expressive E's TOUCHE' earlier this year I thought it looked like an excellent way of extending expressivity, but at €400 it seemed a bit steep for the capability it provides. YouTuber gattobus is doing a pretty good job of convincing me otherwise in this demo jam! He's patched up an analog physical model of a Cello on his Eurorack modular synth, which sounds amazing when played with the TOUCHE'.

Video Description:

I took advantage of the amazing features of Expressive E TOUCHE' to play a physical model recreation of a classic cello built with my eurorack modular synthesizer.
I used Karplus/strong technique: a noise source through an analog BBD delay used as a resonator.
The sound may not be perfect but the sensitivity of this controller make it feel so real. :-)
You can find the patch description at the end of the video.
I hope you like it!

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