Raspberry Pi FM Touch Synth

Reader Otem Rellik shares his latest project, an awesome touchscreen FM synth built on Raspberry Pi! Even the engraved-wood case is impressive! He starts off with a demo performance and then begins to walk through the features at the 4 minute mark.

Video Description:

Just wanted to share my latest pi project.

ItsTheTaterCam - oberon

YouTuber ItsTheTaterCam had some impressive results in pseudo-generative music making on his hardware synths with Audio Damage iOS apps for effects.

Video Description:

Another dive into pseudo-generative music, with a focus on varying the playing speed. Recorded in one take, but never mind all that (and what's below)... just relax.

(for nerds) Modules used: Doepfer Dark Time, WMD Arpitecht, Mutable Instruments Tides, Moog Mother 32. Recorded through an iPad using Audio Damage Audio Units, out into a Tascam 414 before sending back to the DAW for mastering. Video made with Lumen.

Alice In Chains - Nutshell (Cover by Uri Nieto)

Uri Nieto, developer and scientist at Pandora, did an impressive cover of Nutshell on a violin and guitar, while wearing a badass t-shirt.

Video Description:

In a nutshell, life is a piece of shit, but it's also pretty awesome.

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Navi Retlav Studio - Volca Sample: Analogy Sample Pack

Navi Retlav Studio has released a collection of Roland TR-808/909/606 samples for Volca Sample. The Analogy Pack is $24, but you can get a $5 discount with coupon code VOLCANRS for the next week.

crabbabuzz - Synth Jamming for You

YouTuber crabbabuzz is doing some "simple synth stuff" that sounds pretty phenomenal. He's jamming on a KORG Minilogue, Novation Bass Station 2, Volca Bass, Volca Sample, and sequencing it all from modstep with Midiflow Splitter in Audiobus 3.

Video Description:

Just simple synth stuff. 4 devices : Korg Minilogue, Novation Bass Station 2, Korg Volca Bass, Korg Volca Sample. I've used IPad ModStep app to sequence this stuff throught Midi splitter and irig midi - yeah - there was some midi lags - this ipad is very old motherfucker. So Enjoy - Take Care, if you have any questions - please ask)

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