HalutioN: Using Electribe 2 as an FX Processor

YouTuber HalutioN starts off this video with a Matthew McConaughey impersonation before getting into an excellent demo on how to use Electribe 2's as an external effects processor.

Video Description:

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014london70 - Deep Tech House Session 10

014london70 brings us some Deep Tech on his trio of Volcas and Circuit, with gratuitous lighting effects!

Video Description:

Volca FM, Bass and Sample alongside Novation Circuit. Mastered in Final Touch.

Kalkartronic - Mini Live Jam #34

YouTuber Kalkartronic posted a fun and energetic jam on his desk full of gear!

Video Description:

Mini Live Jam "Lunatic" by Kalkartronic:
Gear Set-up: Arturia Beatstep controlling Korg Volca Keys and Waldorf Rocket. Volca Keys sync out to Teenage Engineering PO-12. Waldorf Streichfett (with Keys) and Korg Kaossilator in standalone mode.
Recorder: Edirol R-1
Mixer: Phonic MU1202X
Mastering: TRackS 3
Camera: Ricoh WG-M1
Background: footage from a music video called "The Watcher" which I made earlier this year

Thanks a lot for watching!
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deltAdata - Hyperdrive (Acid Breakbeat Circuit Jam)

YouTuber deltAdata performed my new favorite Circuit jam, with AUFX:Push used in post-production.

Video Description:

Outdoor Novation Circuit 1.6 Acid Breakbeat jam, audio recorded with Line 6 Sonicport VX and ipad mini with some AU:FXpush compression added in post production, video recorded with Sony Xperia z3c (head) and ipad mini 1 (side), imovie was used for main video editing and After Effect for final video tunning, some beers were used too...

The acid patch is home made, as the drum breaks, witch are created with Addictive Drums and Ableton Live and the voice was created with samplr on ipad.

Thanks for watching ! :)

Otem Rellik - Ambient Jam with Raspberry Pi Boxes

Reader Otem Rellik recorded an interesting jam on his custom instruments made with Raspberry Pi.

Video Description:

Recorded this jam today. One take, just having fun with textures and whatnot. Used my raspberry pi fm touch synth and my pi looper (version 2). Going to do a video eventually on v2 of the pi looper. Lots more features and it's in a nice wood box!

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