10oP - Booster Pack

10oP did another amazing performance in nanoloop 2 on an old Game Boy SP. The tones coming out of it are impressive, and aided by the Mini KaossPad 2.

Video Description:

nanoloop 2+ gameboy sp + koasspad mini 2, video live jam recuted by 10oP

OP-Z Ambient Session

Reader Carol let me know about this beautiful ambient performance by Nathan D Farrell on a new OP-Z, with effects from Audio Damage iOS apps.

Video Description:

Running Op-z through some effects. All the dry synth sounds are from the Op-z. Mixed in some effects using AUM, eos2 reverb, dubstation 2 delay, and Discord4.

Master Margherita - Electric Meditations

YouTuber Master Margherita is using the (now defunct) Koushion sequencer to drive this modular meditation!

Video Description:


Sound research and audio experiments, executed in March and April 2017


ARQ AR-96 Sequencing the Korg Volca Sample

YouTuber VolcaNiced did another excellent tutorial for the Zoom ARQ. Here he is using it as a sequencer for the Volca Sample. If you missed it you should also check out his tutorial on sampling from Korg Gadget into this UFOesq instrument.

Video Description:

MIDI with the ARQ is possible with the RK005 from


THX a lot Retrokits

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Sampling Nature - An Exercise into Beatmaking

YouTuber mpc head produced a beat on his MPC Live using samples from field recordings in a forest. I really like the contact mic on the mushroom!

Video Description:

Exercise into sampling. enjoy your weekends.
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