haQ attaQ - UNO Synth vs Volca Bass │ The Same Thing?

Jakob Haq answers viewer questions in this comparison of the new UNO Synth to the Volca Bass.

Video Description:

Are the KORG Volca Bass and the IK Multimedia UNO Synth the same thing? They're both analog hardware synthesizers around $200 and they've both got sequencers right? I've received questions about this ever since the UNO came out and I stared featuring it in my videos. Well, here's my answer! Check out this deep Volca Bass vs Uno Synth comparison video to find out why I really wouldn't ... compare ... these two excellent tiny portable synths.

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Volca Bass & RC-202 Looper - ACID Hip Hop Live Jam

YouTuber Roxton Fone tries his hand at some ACID with a Hip Hop beat, and the results are pretty good! Here he's just using a Korg Volca Bass with a Boss RC-202 Looper.

Video Description:

Live Electronic ACID jam with Hip Hop Beat.

#roxtonfone #livejam #music



TS MEGA Audio Interface/MIDI Controller - iOS/PC

Legendary guitarist Ola Englund checks out the MeloAudio Tone Shifter TS Mega, which is a pedalboard-style Audio Interface with MIDI Foot Controller. This $300 interface can be used on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android... or according to their Amazon page, "Andriod."

Video Description:

Trying out the TS Mega 192khz interface in a pedalboard form.
For more info check out - http://www.meloaudio.com

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ERR0R 404 - Tekno Pirate: ACD3 [Acidcore]

Tekno Pirate brings us Acidcore; produced on an Electribe 2 S, with a Circuit, Volca FM, and Bassline.

Video Description:

Live Extract Acidcore à l'Electribe 2 S, Circuit, Volca FM et Finger Bassline iPad
Bonne écoute !

Lien SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jacktekno

nthirteen: Handmade Radio Show - Summerhole Live Set

YouTuber André Neumann performed at the Handmade Radio Show with gear and an iPad loaded with apps!

Video Description:

I was kindly invited by the Handmade Radio team to perform a live session for their radio show during summer holidays. So I did.

More Info: http://handmade-music.org

Elektron Octatrack INAB: iPad with audiobus, tonestack, colossus piano, vocalive, samplr, key step, op1 and epiphone sg guitar into an iconnect audio 4+

Elektron Octatrack INCD: mother32 and dfam into digitone into analog heat

live visuals: critter & guitari organelle /w otc

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