Knight Kris - Keajaiban Semesta (Gameboy 8bit & 80s Cover)

YouTuber kuningteloor is participating in a competition to cover the theme of a new Indonesian movie, Knight Kris. I expect he'll win too because this is awesome! Here he's rocking out on a variety of "toy" instruments and a Gameboy running LSDJ!

Video Description:

Trying to produce OST songs from the animated film Knight Kris by Master Deddy Corbuzier

With a bit of different nuance and sober, hopefully can be enjoyed.

Winning does not win is not a problem, which important to keep working

Thank you: D

Competition video link: ...

Original song: -...

Movie trailer:

Tools used in producing this song:

- Gameboy with LSDJ cart
- japan Otamatone
- Midi fighter classic
> - Rockband Keyboard PS3
- NES guitar custom
- Rockband Guitar for PS2 with custom midi port
- Samsons keyboard midi
- Livid Guitar wing < > - Maudio X session Pro midi
- PUC wireless midi controller
- Iphone with several apps (synth, seq, gamelan, etc)

Vocal sing with "Talking Tom" apps in iOS device.

Take Video with Panasonic G7 camera

All produce by: kuningteloor.

Feel free to give me a comment & share this video :D

MSquared Project - Korg Wavedrum + Orphion + Korg KP3+

The MSquared Project explores some interesting "world" sounds on a Korg Wavedrum, with Orphion running on an iPad cradled in Behringer's iStudio iS202.

Video Description:

MSquared - "Stay Focused, Be Present"

An interesting juxtaposition between electronic backbeats and world percussion coupled with a chillin' melody.

Equipment Used:
Korg Wavedrum Global Edition
Korg KP3+
Apple iPad
Behringer iStudio202
JBL LSR305 Monitors

Mahu Hillhar - Hardware & Addictive Jam

YouTuber Mahu Hillhar channeled his inner-Vangelis on this track with a bunch of gear and Addictive!

Video Description:

014london70 - Volcas & Circuit Detroit Techno Session 1

YouTuber 014london70 expanded his collection of Volcas to four in this Detroit-style Techno jam.

Video Description:

Being heavily influenced over the last 3 decades by the Belleville 3 amongst others. Shades of them can be found in most of my tracks. This one is no exception!

Volca Sample, Fm, Keys (doing Bass) and Bass (doing chord lead). The Volca Bass is being sequenced on track 1 of the circuit.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

Suzanne Ciani Live at Cafe Oto

MATRIXSYNTH spotted this performance by legendary synthesist Suzanne Ciani on a Buchla 200E. I can't even begin to figure out the price of that modular, but it has to be around $50,000. Next to the Buchla beast are a couple of iPads running Animoog and the controller app for Eventide H9.

Video Description:

Legendary synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani graced us with an enigmatic performance for her London debut at Café Oto.

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