MIDERA - Roland SH-01a, iPad Pro Patterning, Virus TI

YouTuber MIDERA was planning on selling his iPad Pro and Roland SH-01a, but before doing so he wanted to have one last jam with them. This jam ended up changing his mind, so he's keeping both!

Video Description:

I was going to put up my SH-01a and iPad Pro for sale.

I changed my mind.

I tried to make a 4K video - worst experience ever. Spent 2 hours figuring out how to convert my RAW files into 4K video only to realize I didn't have software to deal with 4K video.

Superbooth 2018: Holonic Systems

Nick Batt from Sonic State stopped by the Holonic booth at to meet a strange man making stranger noises. They are beta testing an Apple Watch app that converts motion and orientation into musically useful data. Holonic are also prototyping this to also use other sensors attached to your body, for multiple input sources. Judging by the look of their prototype CV converter I'd say this was very early in the development stage, but they are accepting beta testers for the Apple Watch app.

Video Description:

Movement sensors and Apple Watch can get you jumpin and movin to create control for your modular and other Apps. Still in the development phase for external hardware control.

Website: http://www.sonicstate.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/#!/sonicstate
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wwwsonicstate
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sonicstateuk
Podcast/iTunes: https://goo.gl/4uOFA5

Superbooth 2018: Twisted Electrons - µAcid8 & hapiNES

YouTuber AA Battery got a preview for a couple of new portable synths coming this summer from Twisted Electrons! The µAcid8 is an 8-bit take on the TB-303, while the hapiNES provides 4 voices of chiptune goodness! Twisted Electrons are accepting pre-orders for $100 each, and hope to ship in August.

Both devices are sync compatible with the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators!

Video Description:

The news that got me the most excited about superbooth 18 was the announcement of 2 pocket synths from twisted electrons. So this was the first booth I went to (It was also right at the entrance :]) The audio recording was clipping, sorry. Official videos will soon be released.

The µAcid8 is a portable 8Bit bass-line synthesizer borrowing the characterful wavetable engine from acid8 and the essential elements of its highly praised step sequencer.
µAcid8 features some new tricks including transposition automation, filter wobbler, stutter and vinyl spin-down effects.
µAcid8 requires only two AAA batteries and can be synced to external instruments and pocket operators.

hapiNes is a multitrack chiptune synthesizer inspired by the RP2A07 sound chip found in the NES games console.
The 4 voices allow you to create authentic sounding tunes in real time!

Both were super easy and fun to use and the knobs give direct and quick access to the most important sound-sculpting features. Both feature a transposition chaining feature, similar to the chords chaining on the PO20 arcade.

Check the official page to preorder:



The Music Lodge - Desert Bloom

The Music Lodge uses a wild assortment of instruments here; including a Lap Steel guitar, synthesizers, and string recordings playing backwards. The combination may be strange, but the results are impressive!

Video Description:

Lap steel jam with Digitakt (drums), MS-20 (bass), and lap steel.
Looped (backward) strings on the EHX 45000. Some background notes via assorted iPad apps. Thanks for listening!

Artur - Vocla Jam. 03.05.2018

YouTuber Artur went to the beach with his nice portable setup for his Volcas and iPad running the now-defunct Little MIDI Machine. This looks like a lot of fun, and sounds great!

Video Description:

Trying to restore the tradition of playing jams in unusual locations. This one is recorded on the beach. Please enjoy!
My gear is: Volcas (Sample, Bass, Keys and FM), iPad with Little Midi sequencer for bass. Midi from iPad goes to Volca bass via iConnect. Summed with Belkin Rockstar, recorded to TASCAM DR-05 recorder. Mastered in LANDR.

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