Techmoan: Baby Driver's Tape Scratching Machine

If you haven't seen Baby Driver yet, you should! It's a fun heist film with a great cast. It's no Heat, but it is still a worthwhile film. If you have seen it then you were probably wondering what the hell that weird device was that the titular Baby Driver was using to sample and scratch with.

YouTuber Techmoan got to the bottom of it in this video for the Califone Card Masters.

Video Description:

“Is he slow?”. A demonstration of the device used in the movie.
Baby Driver (Blu-ray, UHD & DVD)
Califone Card Masters turn up on ebay from time to time:
There are two versions - The 2020 with the sampling playback function (like mine) and the simpler 2010 without.

Answers to regularly asked questions
Q) What kind of monitor is that?
A) Here's my video about it:

Q) What is that Subscriber counter thing in the background?
A) Here's my video about it:

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Ardutouch Mini Jam

YouTuber Adam Banaszek did a demo jam for the Ardutouch, an Arduino-compatible synthesizer kit that you can make yourself for about $30.

Video Description: - Here you can find more info about Ardutouch.

lostsystems1 - Diper Lord

Reader lostsystems1 is exploring some very interesting sonic territory on his colossal cluster of synths; including Novation Peak, Digitakt, RYTM, A4, Op-1, Monologue, KaossPad 3, and Mother 32!

Video Description:

I've swapped the DSI Pro2 for the Novation Peak. Really loving the sound of it, but barely scratching the surface so far. Also added the push to the mix, to be able to play the peak. The idea is to jam the peak on the push, and then later let the digitakt control it, but i've yet to reconnect everything with the midi thru box i recently got. Maybe for the next one ! Just wanted to get this out the door, enjoy !

haQ attaQ: Novation LaunchKEY MK 2 Review & Tutorial

Jakob Haq bought a new Novation LaunchKEY MK 2 so naturally he did a tutorial for it!

Video Description:

The Novation LaunchKEY MK 2 MIDI controller series has a lot to offer any mobile musician using an iPad or iPhone in the music production rig. The LaunchKEY MK 2 comes in three sizes and eventhough it has functions that were meant to be used with desktop DAW's like Ableton Live, the LaunchKEY still has some special use cases that will enhance your mobile music production sessions, especially if you're into LaunchPad for iOS. Check out this video for a full review and guide of the LaunchKEY and learn find out how connect it to and integrate it with iPad's and iPhone's.



014london70 - KORG Volcas with KORG ODYSSEi

YouTuber 014london70 is jamming out some downtempo on a trio of Volcas with ODYSSEi!

Video Description:

Volca Keys, Bass, FM and Sample and ODYSSEi used in this downtempo track.

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