Slenterende Beer - Volca FM Ambient Jam with Poly

YouTuber Slenterende Beer created some beautiful ambient textures with his Volca FM sequenced by Poly.

Video Description:

I got inspired by other people using the Poly iOS app in their improvisations, so I decided to try it myself.

The Poly app generates notes in a defined range, resulting in polyrhythmic patterns. These notes are sent via MIDI to the Volca FM, which itself plays a loop of a few notes. I decided to with the Xylophone FM patch, without extra edits, just knob tweaking. The FM is connected to the Zoom MS-70CDR, which adds the delay and reverb. The output of the Zoom is sent to the Behringer UCA202 USB sound card, which is in turn connected to the iPhone 7 that is used for recording the video and audio.

Poly app:

Ngarjuna - Soixante-neuf

YouTuber ngarjuna did another interesting modular jam with apps. This one starts off kind of weird, but he builds in a nice groove by the 1 minute mark.

gattobus - The Wind Forest (Analog Physical Model CELLO)

When I saw Expressive E's TOUCHE' earlier this year I thought it looked like an excellent way of extending expressivity, but at €400 it seemed a bit steep for the capability it provides. YouTuber gattobus is doing a pretty good job of convincing me otherwise in this demo jam! He's patched up an analog physical model of a Cello on his Eurorack modular synth, which sounds amazing when played with the TOUCHE'.

Video Description:

I took advantage of the amazing features of Expressive E TOUCHE' to play a physical model recreation of a classic cello built with my eurorack modular synthesizer.
I used Karplus/strong technique: a noise source through an analog BBD delay used as a resonator.
The sound may not be perfect but the sensitivity of this controller make it feel so real. :-)
You can find the patch description at the end of the video.
I hope you like it!

MRMidi - Mixed Reality MIDI Experiments

YouTuber KOALAB looks like a mad scientist in his latest video experimenting with Mixed Reality MIDI controllers. Here he combines several different technologies across macOS and iOS. The hardware is also a mix of off-the-shelf gear like Leap Motion, with off-the-fucking-wall gear like the $400 Bridge helmet for iPhone, and even some custom hardware for monitoring hand rotation. All tolled this experiment probably cost a small fortune. So it is unfortunate that the setup suffers from noticeable latency; while flat-out ignoring some of his commands! Still this gets the discchord Stupidtacular seal of approval for sheer inventiveness.

Video Description:

It is a virtual MIDI console that can be used with the same sense as a hard MIDI controller.
I applied for GUGEN 2017.

MR(Mixed Reality): iPhone + Bridge SDK(
Hand tracking: Leap Motion(
Recognition of hand rotation and tap: a self-made hardware
Data processing of various sensors, MIDI assignment and MIDI output: a self-made Mac application

VJ Franz K - Stranger Beats

VJ FRANZ K brings us some Horror House on his Electribe! If you like his lighting setup for this one, he also posted a couple of videos showing off his haul of post-Halloween lights he picked up on sale.

Video Description:

🎃👽🤖 Original Music for Halloween! Composed with KORG ES2. ⭐️ Join my Patreon to see the creation of this track, and the alternate first take. More exclusive content to be added soon…

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