Todd Smith - Live Studio Jam 8/10/17

YouTuber Todd Smith Music did a live jam on his Korg Minilogue and MicroKorg, with a Roland Boutique JP08, and an iPad running a bunch of apps including both Gadget and Auria! I just noticed Amazon has a sale on the Boutique JP08 for $100 off! Reader Carol let me know that Sweetwater has the Boutique JX03 on sale too!

Video Description:

This jam mixes iOS and hardware. Korg Gadget supplies the drums, backing synths and vocal sample loop. The Teenage Engineering Op1 throws in some extra samples recorded from the radio, which I trigger live. The Roland Boutique JP08 and Microkorg are both played live, JP08 is played live via Novation Impulse 49. The Korg Minilogue and Roland JU-06 are both on sequencer duty.

All hardware is sequenced via Mod Step and audio multitracked in Auria Pro. This is truely pushing iPad to its limits.

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: Hardware :

Korg Microkorg
KORG Minilogue
Roland Boutique JP-08
Roland Boutique JU-06
Teenage Engineering OP-1
Novation Impulse 49
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

: iOS :

Korg Gadget
Audio Bus
Mod Step
Auria Pro
Fab Filter Timeless 2
Fab Filter Pro Q2

Marcus Padrini - Synth Jam 53 editor Marcus Padrini did a hardware laden jam on a Virus Indigo, Circuit, Moog Sub 37, Mopho, TJ-130 bass pedal, and JP8080. The JP8080 is being controlled by the TJ-130 and ChordPolyPad!

Video Description:

A synth jam combining a Bass Pedal MIDI controller (TJ-130) and the ChordPolyPad app for iPad for controlling two synths at the same time(Moog Sub 37 and JP8080).

Bass: Moog Sub 37 controlled by TJ-130 MIDI Bass Pedal.
Synth Pad: Roland JP8080 controlled by TJ-130 & ChordPolyPad.
Lead: Access Virus Indigo.
Drums & arps: Novation Circuit.
Lead 2: DSI Mopho Keyboard.

Happy 808 Day! Roland Boutique TR-08 Rhythm Composer

Today Roland is celebrating 808 day with the unveiling of a new TR-08 drum machine, SH-01A keyboard, and SP-404A sampler! Obviously the TR-08 is getting the most attention today! Arriving in September for $350, this is not an analog re-issue, but more akin to the faithful emulation we saw in the Aira line. Embedded below is the big reveal, and there's also a dark Experimental Hip-hop demo jam.

Video Description:

The Roland TR-808 has featured on countless records and tracks — from chart-topping pop songs to underground classics — and is one of the most revered electronic musical instruments of all time. The booming bass drum, sizzling hi-hats, snappy snare, and that unmistakable cowbell, has formed the rhythmic foundation of many genres with a sound that is engrained in today’s music and culture.

In this video, we chat about the latest instrument in the Roland Boutique series - the Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer. We discuss what the numbers "8-0-8" mean to a number of artists; some of whom have a legacy deeply engrained with the TR-808 to a younger generation of producers who look to take the sound of the TR-808 to a bright future.

Join Jimmy Jam, Egyptian Lover, Principleasure, Shy Boogs, Marley Marl, Nadus, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Juan Atkins share their love for the 808 and the new TR-08 Rhythm Composer.

The TR-08 brings the look, sound, and feel of the original 808 — with stunning accuracy — to the Roland Boutique format. From the instantly-recognizable red-orange-yellow-white markings, the shape of the sequencer buttons, switches and knobs are details that have been painstakingly reproduced to match the iconic recreation of sounds. Along with the aesthetic touches, the TR-08 contains new features like 16 sub-steps for fast rolls, independent trigger out track, compression/gain/tune for instruments and a selectable modified “long decay” bass drum for more boom and resonance.

▶︎ TR-08 INFO:

For more information on Roland Boutique, please visit

John Lead - Desert Knights (Psy Techno)

John Lead posted this impressive Psy Techno performance on a vast array of hardware. At the heart of it all is his iPad running Cubasis as the main sequencer.

Video Description:

So, I went back to the iPad as main sequencer and was having fun with a project i started using Cubasis.


iPad running Cubasis as main sequencer and master midi clock for all the instruments + 3 instances of the Synth "Micrologue".

The iPad is connected to a Steinberg UR22 mk2 Sound Card via apple usb camera connection kit for midi + audio out.
The UR22 midi out is connected to a midi Thru Box X4 to feed midi messages and clock to all the synths. The Moog Sub 37 and Roland TR8 are also using their midi thru port to connect the remaining 2 instruments (Tb3 and Electribe).
Everything is connected to the mixer.

- Roland TR8 - Drums (using own sequencer and patterns trigered live)

- Korg Minilogue - Pad Chords (sequenced by cubasis + live play)

- Novation Bass Station 2 - Bass (ducked by the sidechain FX in the TR8 and sequenced by Cubasis)

- Roland TB3 - Acid Lead (using own sequencer and patterns triggered live)

- Moog Sub 37 - Plucked ARP (sequenced by Cubasis)

- Micrologue - Noize FX + Plucked Synth + Brassy Lead (sequenced in cubasis)

- Korg Electribe ES1 - Long Reverb "BANG" FX (using own sequencer)

- Presonus Studio Live - Mixer, dynamics and FX (Reverb+Delay)

Created and performed by João Apell AKA John Lead at AudioLabs Studios Lisbon.

Keep an eye on my soundcloud page for the final polished version:


Thanks for watching ;)

Chris Issac - Wicked Game (cover)

YouTuber metallfreek is showing his softer side in this acoustic cover of Wicked Game.

Video Description:

I recorded this using my iPad. No audio editing. Semi raw acoustic cover.

Plugged in my acoustic/electric to my PA and I am using a boss VE-20 vocal processor.

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