Live Electronica Synth Jam: Vintage Synthesizers & iPad Beats

YouTuber Ralph Baumgartl did an amazing performance on his vast array of synths, with Alchemy on iPad.

Video Description:

This Live Synth Jam is a bit more Beat driven than my other jams. I am using an iPad for some Electronica and Downtempo Beats and combine it with the sound of my vintage Synthesizers. A deep ARP 2600 bass, Vocoder patterns and my beloved vintage Organ sounds among others. I would label it a mix of Electronica with a slight EDM flavor and Berlin School of Electronic music.
The gear used in this jam session: ARP 2600 with Arturia Keystep Controller, Korg Volca Keys controlled by Akai MPK 25, Roland JD-Xi, Arturia Microbrute, ELKA Elkatwin 61, Roland Vocoder VP-330, Strymon BigSky, Strymon Timeline, Zoom MS-70CDR, Roland JX-3P, iPad running Alchemy App, Boss BX-600, Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK.

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The MSquared Project - Korg Hardware Jam

The MSquared Project did an impressive live performance using only Korg gear! At the core is an Electribe 2, and on either side you'll find a Kaossilator Pro and KaossPad 3 duet.

Video Description:

MSquared - "Working From Home"

Everything performed in this video was triggered and mixed live in a single take with no multi-tracking and overdubs.

Always looking to get better. Please provide comments and constructive criticism!

Equipment Used:
Korg Electribe 2
Korg Kaossilator Pro+
Korg KP3+
JBL LSR305 Monitors

K-Board controlling the Modal CRAFTsynth

Keith McMillen Instruments demoed their K-Board controlling a Modal CRAFTsynth through Cubasis.

Video Description:

We hooked up a K-Board to the Modal CRAFTsynth through an iPad running Cubasis. We then mapped the pressure sensitivity of K-Board to the filter cutoff of the CRAFTsynth allowing filter modulation directly from the keys of K-Board.

For more info on K-Board, visit our website at:

For more info on the CRAFTsynth, visit the Modal website at:

Anna Straker - Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Cover)

YouTuber Anna Straker did a stunning performance of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You on Pocket Operators. This sounds way better than the original! I love the combination of her velvety voice with the plinky-plonking POs!

Artificial Noise: Mini-Pre

Canadian boutique manufacturer Artificial Noise has announced the Mini-Pre pedal. This pedal is based on the "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, with a 3-Band EQ. The pedal was designed with overdrive harmonics in mind, which adds analog warmth to digital sources. This includes apps, as demonstrated in the demo below! Pre-orders are now available for $USD175.

Video Description:

"Mini-Pre" - Pre-amplifier and 3 Band EQ Effects Pedal by Artificial Noise

It may be called "Mini" but that's not how it sounds!

The name comes from it's circuit design which is based on "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, along with a classic 3-band Equalizer makes for a warm, woolly and thick sound. The Mini-Pre is 100% analog, with the preamp portion a vintage-style transistor based design and the EQ is a clean Brown-Burr opamp design that can cut or boost approximately 15 dbs in each of the 3 bands:

HI - wide band 4kHz and up
MID - Narrower around 600Hz
LO - wide band 100Hz and down

The Preamp can go from soft warmth to full on Fuzz and sounds great taking line-level instruments or hi-z ones like guitar. Switch is true-bypass.

Controls include:

- Pre-Amp: Controls the gain, from soft warmth to overdriving fuzz tones.
- Vol: The output volume.
- LO: Controls the Bass frequency cut/boost.
- MID: Controls the Mid frequency cut/boost
- HI: Controls the High frequency cut/boost

Each Mini-Pre is hand numbered and made in limited, small batches from our shop in Winnipeg Canada.

The Mini-Pre runs on 9v DC power supply which is included in the price.

FOR MORE INFO, visit us online at:

*The audio was recorded directly into a Resident Audio T4/Macbook Air, no other effects, compression or audio treatments were used.

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