DIY MIDI Foot Switch with Arduino and Game Pad

YouTuber BEATNVISION is inventing more mad DIY MIDI gadgets. Here he's wired up an old PlayStation kids controller as a stomp pedal for BIAS FX!

Video Description:

Arduino MIDI Controller:
Arduino Leonardo / Pro Micro Compatible board
"Kids Station" controller for PlayStation

Positive Grid BIAS FX

Ilya Orange - Weekend Bedroom Jam

YouTuber Ilya Orange did an awesome 20-minute House jam. Lots of interesting gear on this including the Roland TB-03, and Korg Volca Bass. He's even got an old Roland MC-505 in the mix.

Video Description:

Weekend Bedroom Dub Dub Techno Jam
Jack Daniel's powered

Gear: Ableton Live, Roland MC-505, Roland TB-03, Roland JP-8000, Korg Volca Bass, Akai APC Mini, NI Maschine Mikro MK2, Korg Nanokontrol

Camera: Eken H9

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Classic 808 tracks using TR-08 - Electric Kingdom

Reader chisel316 recreates some classic 808 tracks on a new Roland TR-08 and other Roland gear. He's also got a bunch of apps helping out.

Video Description:

Growing up, I used to listen to a radio show called Uncle Jamm's Army on KDAY back when it was on AM radio. The reception wasn't too good where I lived, but it never stopped me from tuning in each weekend. One of my favorite songs from that show was Twilight 22 - Electric Kingdom. There's a ton of samples in this song so this is my own rendition using synths that I programmed from scratch. Of course, the Roland Boutique TR-08 is used for the beat. Hope you enjoy it!

Drums - Roland Boutique TR-08
Lead Synths - Roland Boutique JX-03/JP-08
Bass - Roland Boutique SE-02
Timpani - Bismark bs-16i soundfont (iOS)
Vocoder - VirSyn VoxSyn (iOS)
Mixer - AUM (iOS)
Reverb - Audio Damage eos2 (iOS)

Peace \/

deltAdata - HipHopPotamus

YouTuber deltAdata hooked up his Volca Sample to his iPad mini with a Line 6 Sonic Port VX to bring us a fun HipHop jam he dubs HipHopPotamus.

Video Description:

Hip Hop Jam with the Korg Volca Sample.

Recorded with Line 6 Sonic Port VX on ipad mini 1 with Audioshare, then compressed with AUFX:Push.
Filmed with Sony Xperia Z3c (head) and ipad mini 1 (side).
The main video editing was done with imovie on ipad and the final video tunning was done with Adobe AfterEffects.

Sorry for the cigarette, I forgot about it.

Thanks for watching !

014london70 - Volcas Circuit RM1x Deep Session 18

YouTuber 014london70 picked up an old RM1x, Yamaha's answer to Korg's Electribes. He's added this to his Volca and Circuit setup for this Deep house session.

Video Description:

Yamaha RM1x sequencing the Volca Bass & Volca Keys, Volca Sample. Circuit midi synced to the Yamaha.
Recorded in AudioShare via a Behringer Xenyx mixer and mastered in Final Touch.

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