Radiophonic Workshop Dr. Who Theme

House of Angels posted a high quality encoding of this Radiophonic Workshop exploring the synthesis behind the Dr. Who Theme. The original ARP Odyssey is front and center in this tune, which we now have available in app form. Now we need a Yamaha CS-80 app!

Video Description:

Radiophonic Workshop Dr. Who Theme - Yamaha CS-80, ARP Odyssey , Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

KlaatuNinja - Liquid 2 Step

YouTuber KlaatuNinja continues to crank out some impressive jams using only an Electribe.

TB-03 & c3n loops Dub Session

DubMasterFish shows off his new TB-03 with c3n loops. Last week he was rocking this combo in an Acid Test, and today he's doing Dub.

Video Description:

A short jam with the Roland TB-03 a Nord Micro modular and c3n loops on the iPad.

Need to dig out some effects for the next session, might have some fun with the other iPad as a controller of some sort as well.

Nanoloop Mono

YouTuber James Chip did a preview of Nanoloop Mono, for OG mobile musicians that have a Gameboy handy. This new version of Nanoloop sports a true analog synth built right into the cartridge! Pre-orders are available now for €69, and will ship December 3rd.

Video Description:

Nanoloop mono is an analogue synth for the nintendo gameboy. This video is just a short view of what it is. Once i have had it a bit longer i will upload some better quality jams with it, but this should give you an idea of what sounds it can make.

Nanoloop is available from

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Strisoboard and iPad

Matthew Tyas, seen here previously for his awesome rooftop busking on an Axoloti, brings us another unique instrument performance. In this video he's connected a beta Strisoboard MPE controller to his iPad. The Strisoboard must be his own creation, because his videos are the only results in a Google search for it.

Video Description:

practicing playing the strisoboard MPE controller, using Thumbjam on an iPad

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