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Mobile Electro Jam At Graveyard Feat. PO-32 Tonic + iPhone

YouTuber Perplex On posted this beautiful jam, both in terms of the music and video! In addition to the featured PO-32, he's making use of Animoog for iPhone and a QuantumVJ!

Video Description:

This is a very minimalistic outdoor jam just using the Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic and an iPhone running Poly app sequencing Animoog. Visually supported by a QuantumVJ glitch visualizer. Everything recorded live on spot with a Zoom H2. Filmed at an old historical graveyard.

This track is a free download:

More videos and music

@YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/c/PerplexOn

@INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/perplex_on/

@FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/perplexon

@SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/perplex-on

Reader Comments 6

Really well done.

Tim what "Poly" app is it being sequenced by?

I am confused on that part of the text.

Animoog and Tonic. What other apps were used in todo?

This is such a moving and stirring piece. It made me pause and reflect a bit. What preset was used on Animoog?
This person should be proud of their work. I am loving it.
May 22, 2017  | person TBIRD
Oh yeah, I forgot to link that. It's kind of an older app: http://discchord.com/appDB/id658319333

Sadly it hasn't been updated in over a year.
Thanks for sharing this Tim!
Perfect way to end my day (it's 11:00 pm here in France)... See you tomorrow, as usual!
May 22, 2017  | person half d
Hell yeah! I can see this sending you off to some sweet dreams.
@Tim: I'm very honored that you shared my video once again, Tim! Thank you very very much!
@TBIRD Thanks a lot for your kind words! I'm really glad and excited that you like it!

You asked for the Animoog preset: If i remember correctly it's very loosly based on this one (but highly modified by me): Keys/S&HForever;

Hope that helps! All the best!

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