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Artificial Noise: Mini-Pre

Canadian boutique manufacturer Artificial Noise has announced the Mini-Pre pedal. This pedal is based on the "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, with a 3-Band EQ. The pedal was designed with overdrive harmonics in mind, which adds analog warmth to digital sources. This includes apps, as demonstrated in the demo below! Pre-orders are now available for $USD175.

Video Description:

"Mini-Pre" - Pre-amplifier and 3 Band EQ Effects Pedal by Artificial Noise

It may be called "Mini" but that's not how it sounds!

The name comes from it's circuit design which is based on "Pre-Amp" portion of the original Minimoog synthesizer, along with a classic 3-band Equalizer makes for a warm, woolly and thick sound. The Mini-Pre is 100% analog, with the preamp portion a vintage-style transistor based design and the EQ is a clean Brown-Burr opamp design that can cut or boost approximately 15 dbs in each of the 3 bands:

HI - wide band 4kHz and up
MID - Narrower around 600Hz
LO - wide band 100Hz and down

The Preamp can go from soft warmth to full on Fuzz and sounds great taking line-level instruments or hi-z ones like guitar. Switch is true-bypass.

Controls include:

- Pre-Amp: Controls the gain, from soft warmth to overdriving fuzz tones.
- Vol: The output volume.
- LO: Controls the Bass frequency cut/boost.
- MID: Controls the Mid frequency cut/boost
- HI: Controls the High frequency cut/boost

Each Mini-Pre is hand numbered and made in limited, small batches from our shop in Winnipeg Canada.

The Mini-Pre runs on 9v DC power supply which is included in the price.

FOR MORE INFO, visit us online at:

*The audio was recorded directly into a Resident Audio T4/Macbook Air, no other effects, compression or audio treatments were used.

Reader Comments 8

Hi, this is Neil from Artificial Noise, just a FYI these units will begin shipping in 2-4 weeks. Oh, and the pre-order price is $155 ($20 off! The regular price after pre-sale is $175). Pre-sale ends when I begin shipping.
Yeah, but the shipping cost is $20... so you're back at $175 when it is in the cart.
The Mini-Pre is what every iPad needs. Sometimes iOS synth apps sound more like toys than synths. The Mini-Pre makes them sound great!
March 11, 2017  | person Sonakinesis
The demo audio shows quite a bit of bass boost-- and that kind of scooped EQ.

The distortion is pleasant and useful. Also, nice to have knobs. For people who use the subtractive emulations, this is a nice way to get some of that grit back.

I'd be kind of curious to see how this might compare to running through a tube amp sim and a three band-- still, I think a device like this is useful for more than iPads!!
Is this mono or stereo input-output ?
- an iPad has stereo output
March 11, 2017  | person_outline Mike
Made in my town - Winnipeg!
I'd like to listen to polysynth material,
these overdrive stories always sound ok with mono material,
Let's hear if doesn't sound like garbage with more going on than some single voice.
March 13, 2017  | person lala

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