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Digital Audio Tape - The one DAT got away

Techmoan brings us another fascinating Music Technology history lesson, in this look back at DAT!

Video Description:

A look at DAT - tape that sounded better than CD and was supposed to replace cassettes...however the recording industry decided it had to die.

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That's crazy, I remember when DAT was 'it' back in the 90's - those ridiculously expensive tapes, I remember working my way through a room of them trying to find some data for my drum machine. Man things are sooooo much easier now (can you imagine showing an iPad to a musician back then)! 😍 Crazy progress, makes you feel glad to be alive in 2017!
January 10, 2017  | person_outline ConfusedKitten
I had a Sony MiniDisc system.

DAT is PCM digital audio on tape compared to CD.
MiniDisc is lossy compression like FLAC or MP3.
January 10, 2017  | person_outline Mike
Yea, I remember always having to make two DAT's because I was afraid one of them would have dropouts.

They sounded AS good as CD's but not better. The machines that played them often had better DACs.

You had a buy a special fake DAT tape that was a "head cleaner" and play it for a few minutes.
January 11, 2017  | person stub
The last two minutes be so awesome, at the lead in to the mini-disc an how Sony jus go full gangsta, buyin out the competition an shit. Thanks fo postin this Discchord :)
January 11, 2017  | person_outline HotRock SupaJoint
Glad you guys liked it too! I love this sort of thing.

On January 10, 2017 - @Mike said:
I had a Sony MiniDisc system.

DAT is PCM digital audio on tape compared to CD.
MiniDisc is lossy compression like FLAC or MP3.

That's wild. I had no idea that was going on, so looked it up to figure out why.


It seems that they can do PCM with HiMD, but you'd only get 28 minutes on a normal disc. Ouch! Yeah, that's not going to work at all.


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