Dusty Patches - Petting Zoo

YouTuber Dusty Patches has a fantastic name for a modular synth channel. His latest jam on the Eurorack includes samples on an Elektron Octatrack that were developed in Patterning 2.

Video Description:

Created with Eurorack modular synthesizer, Octatrack, and Digitone. The guitar is a Kiesel Vader V8 through an Axe FX II preamp and sampled into the Octatrack.

Abridged Patch Notes

I'd like to highlight the parts of this patch that I'm interacting with and the different sounds you hear. I'm going to leave out the nitty gritty details but please ask me anything if you want to know something specific.

Let's start with the modular synth. There are 4 voices sequenced by the Octatrack via the QMI2. Loquelic Iteritas and Braids are the oscillators for the two lead synths. I have the joystick patched to DAMP and FOLD on the Loquelic. Braids goes through Clouds in delay mode and I'm tweaking the feedback at times. The chippy bass synth is the Ataraxic Translatron. The fourth voice is Basimilus Iteritas for the tuned synth snare sound. All these voices are routed through the LOW, CENTRE, and HIGH inputs on the Three Sisters filter. Pam's New Workout is sending a slow LFO to the FM input. During the slow heavy part I'm turning up the QUALITY (resonance) and messing with the SPAN (bandwidth) which sweeps through each of the voices in a really pleasing way.

The Morphagene is supplying a constant stream of glitchy random animal noises, a must-have for any discerning musician. The Beatstep Pro is patched to the 1010music fxbox (conveniently through one 1/8 inch TRS cable passing MIDI data) providing 16 pads of tactile effects control. I especially enjoy the gigantic reverb and the ping pong delay.

Onto the Octatrack. Aside from sequencing the modular synth, it is playing back a lot of tasty samples. For percussion I created conga, bongo, and drum patterns. I used the Patterning 2 iPad app. The guitar used was a Kiesel Vader V8 through an Axe FX II preamp and sampled into the Octatrack. The final half of the song has some clean FM voices from the Digitone coming in, sequenced by the remaining 4 MIDI channels of the Octatrack.

Electronic Massacre - 90's Acid Techno

YouTuber Electronic massacre synced up Troublemaker to his Digitakt for some 90's style Acid!

Video Description:

Bring on the acid. Fully improvised acid techno set with digitakt and troublemaker on the iPad.

Just realised I can sync the iPad to everything through the digitakt usb:) woohoo!

So this is the first of a few wee sets using the iPad for effects and sounds. Hopefully get a full on 1 hour set up soon with a little set up:)

Well enjoy it and get subbing. My lovely channel needs you:)

Synthikat - Eurorack Ambient Soundscape / Patch Jam 02

YouTuber Synthikat used rainforest recordings in Samplr with his modular rig for this relaxing nature jam!

Video Description:

Today i´ve made some ambient soundscape.

The sounds of the rainforest are coming from the samplr app on the ipad. All the other sounds are coming from mutable plaits and tides. The sum of the rack is then feed thru a digidelay stompbox followed by the Korg KaossPad in reverb mode to give the patch some space. Everything is then recorded with DIGICheck Global Record.

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Ran Kirlian - Live Improvisation

YouTuber Ran Kirlian did an amazing synth jam, with the rarely-seen Nord Beat as sequencer!

Video Description:


Pro-12 on Use-Audio Plugiator sequenced from iPad + Nord Beat & Korg Nanokey (drone sequence and lead noises)
Access Indigo, Waldorf Microwave XT & Roland JD 8080 (pads)
Access Indigo Redback (bass sequence)

Recorded on first take after testing sounds. My appologies for the unintentional noise and clipping.


YouTuber MR TUNA Music did some epic synth jamming on his OB-6, Prophet 6, and Sub 37 with a unique app addition to the mix. He recorded samples from a police scanner app tuned to the Chicago Police Department! I immediately recognized the dispatcher, because I listen to the Chicago PD on You are Listening; a surreal combination of beautiful ambient music and the horrors of modern urban life!

Video Description:

Did I hear you say there might be a roll over?

Checkin in live with the Chicago PD with a police scanner app on my iPad. Did 2 takes because it was too much fun.


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