Suzie Power - ARP Odyssey, Volca Keys, Roland TR8, Streichfett

YouTuber Suzie Power hooked up her BeatStep Pro to a hardware Korg ARPMODULE1 and Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer, with Korg Volca Keys and Roland TR-8 on this fun shoegazing jam.

Video Description:

I enjoyed this jam a lot. Thought I would add a second camera angle to capture the MIDI keyboard.

Everything is played live with the help of Beatstep Pro. Main synth sequence is the ARP Odyssey (my #1 most fave), sequence two is Korg Volca Keys. Delay effects added to the ARP with the Korg KP Mini touchpad. Drums from Roland TR8. Synth strings from my new Streichfett which I'm REALLY loving. MIDI Solutions box helps with connecting everything nicely.

Recorded everything live into Logic Pro X which provides a lot of lush reverb on the synth tracks. Shot with iPhone 8 and iPhone 5.

MikeZawSynth - Italian Summer Vacation Jam 2

MikeZawSynth is feeling quite chilled on his summer vacation in Italy. He's packed his suitcase with nothing but synths, which seems like a sensible way to travel.

Video Description:

Second Video during Vacation - a bit more relaxed.
Gear used:
Novation circuit
Korg Volca: Mix, Bass, Sample
Nux Atlantic Delay and Reverb

Korg Volca Mix vs. Roland Go:Mixer Pro

Jade from Dawless Jammin' did a comparison of the Korg Volca Mixer with the new Roland Go:Mixer Pro.

Video Description:


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Thanks for watching! I hope I can continue to find time and inspiration to keep on making these videos for you guys!

- JAde Wii

haQ attaQ: UNO Synth Full Engine Access on iPad

When IK Multimedia announced the $200 UNO synth, I was left wondering how IK was going to fuck it up.

Jakob Haq answers that question while also providing a work-around! IK will be releasing an UNO editor for PC and Mac, but not for iOS. So Jakob has made his own UNO editor in MIDI Designer Pro 2!

Update: IK Multimedia commented here that they will in fact be releasing an official iOS Editor.

Video Description:

Get full access to the IKM UNO Synth synthesizer engine by using an iPad! IKM states that a UNO synth editor will be available for PC and Mac, however no word about an iOS version ... so I made a MIDI editor myself using MIDI Designer PRO 2. This way hidden features in UNO can now be accessed like a SWING setting for the Sequencer, LFO modulation for Oscillator 1 & 2. There's even full ADSR envelopes available for both the Amp and Filter etc. I'm going through the whole thing in this video!

- IMPORTANT: Template was made for iPad and will not display properly when loaded on iPhone! -


COSTER SCOTT - Live Dark Techno

YouTuber COSTER SCOTT starts off our week with some moody Dark Techno, using only a couple of Korg Volcas and a Make Noise 0-Coast!

Video Description:

A little dark morning angst. Volca Keys, Volca Sample, and Make Noise O-Coast. Direct to iPhone via iRig 2. Sync via Volca sync. Passive mix via headphone splitter. Dirty and mono, but whatever.

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