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AC Sabre MIDI Instrument Update

AC Sabre MIDI Instrument, from Air Craft, was updated with MPE (Multi-dimensional Polyphonic Expression). The update also includes a new Guitarist panel set with power cords. AC Sabre is on sale now for 50% off!

Developer Hari Karam Singh shows off the new MPE support by controlling GeoShred!

December 04, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
Heard some complaints about his prior work but AC Sabre is pretty neat and it’s always nice when new apps start supporting MPE.
Wonder if ROLI could start pushing the dev side of MPE through JUCE. For instance, getting MPE support in Korg Gadget would be quite the gamechanger. Bought the macOS version when it went on sale and those plugins can really bring a lot of value.
December 04, 2017  | favorite_border Enkerli
Just bought it. On Sale and MPE update made it hard to resist. I think I will regret it less than my IKmultimedia iRing purchase, which is now a worthless piece of garbage on iOS 11, not that it was worth much before when I could actually use it.
December 05, 2017  | person_outline Dan
Is this the dev who had an earlier "gyro type app" and decided not to support it to force customers to buy his new app?

I remember a bit if a fuss about that from a few years ago. Same guy?
December 06, 2017  | person_outline Simon
He did Sound Wand, which was released back in 2013. I'm not sure what level of support he offered for it, nor what level of support was implied. I just know I liked it, and I have had fun with AC Sabre.


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