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Sheila E. with Jon Batiste & Stay Human - Come Together

Sheila E. appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to perform her funky upbeat cover of Come Together! I'm not sure which app she's using for the lyrics there, but you see her unlocking the iPad.

Video Description:

The funk and soul legend sits in with the Late Show band to perform a classic track by The Beatles, which is featured on her new album 'Iconic: Message 4 America.'

September 08, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
Lyric salad.

I certainly don't mind if someone wants to cover a classic, and I even don't mind if little liberties are taken with the lyrics, as long as it is tasteful and purposeful. But that was a mess.

We're in the process of mixing a cover of this tune for our Beatles cover band demo. So my expectations are hypersensitive.

Did she put wrong lyrics on the iPad in the first place? Why even have lyrics on an iPad if they are all mixed up? She could have looked at her audience and made up lyrics rather than staring off to the side at her screen and singing all the wrong words.

Rant-mode disengaged.
September 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
LOL, yeah... this is fair criticism. I really dig the upbeat funk style though. I actually think the original is WAY creepier and menacing than most covers give it credit for. This take was 180º in the opposite direction from that, but fun.
Down tempo tunes that groove hard are becoming a little more scarce. It's almost like people think: "fast=energy".

When my kid bands have covered this song, they often keep the tempo slow but keep sextuplets (mostly by shuffling the 16ths, but also using the full 1/24 grid for funk action).

That's why I really would have loved to hear them keep that tempo down and make that thing lay back and be heavy-assed and massive.

"bubble gum." is what I think when I hear it like that. "come together" shouldn't be bubble gum, IMHO.
September 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
I agree that this is definitely bubble gum, but sometimes bubble gum's fun. You might be right about doing that to this classic though.
I think it's fine. People can do what they want. Sometimes those kinds of covers can be fascinating & wonderful. Check this out...

September 08, 2017  | favorite_border stub
That was bad! Really bad. A rapper trying to sing. Wonders will never cease. Next, a giraffe on the moon.
September 09, 2017  | mood_bad psysword

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