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SoundForest by Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander released SoundForest, an almost-game-like music sequencer. There are different "environments" for different styles, and you sequence using goofy pictures of animals and shit. It's cute, or as their fake iTunes reviews put it, "KAWAIIIIIIIIIIII!" The app is free to try, and $2 to unlock.

SoundForest iTunes Description:

SoundForest is a mini music maker that allows you to instantly compose a song using a collection of musical creatures. Compose a loop by tapping animal instruments and mix them into a hypnotic tune. Make a musical ecosystem with SoundForest.

* Instantly compose awesome music loops
* 160 elements, each a unique music note
* 4 musical environments (SoundForest, ElectroJungle, SynthSavanna, EchoOcean)
* 6 pitch levels for each music note
* Make a quick loop or compose a mini song
* Endless song possibilities

1. Listen to whatever the Alien says.
2. Creating music is best with headphones
3. Swipe and tap on the music note bar to select a music note
4. Tap on the song grid to add the music note to your song
5. Tap on the sky to pause or play your song
6. Double tap the sky to change you song's speed
7. Swipe the song grid over to make your song longer
8. Tap the menu button to return to the song modules
9. Tap a blank circle to create a new song
10. Swipe for more environments

Visit Soundforestapp.com for more information.
August 11, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
August 12, 2017  | person R3pl1c4nt
Needs AB and AUM capabilities tho 😞 Hopefully this will be done
August 12, 2017  | person R3pl1c4nt
Simple but pretty fun
August 12, 2017  | person_outline Danielle

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