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Microtonal Guitar by Huynh Van Tung

Huynh Van Tung would like to remind us all that there are some shady motherfuckers out there on the App Store. In our insular community we rarely see glaringly deceitful apps; such as a $25 mosquito repellent.

To follow-up on that masterpiece, Huynh now brings us Microtonal Guitar. Another $25 app that arrives without demos, a support website, nor even any explanation about the supposed MIDI on offer. The rest of the App Store is just full of guys like Huynh, so it shouldn't surprise me when one of them bungles into our world. But it does.

Microtonal Guitar iTunes Description:

Microtonal Guitar like it's name, is a microtonal guitar application for playing fast, with MIDI support.

Are you a Guitar Pro?
Do you want to play a guitar MIDI on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod in a party with your friends?

Let's install and check Microtonal Guitar now!

Big SALES in limited TIME!

While there's no demo for Microtonal Guitar, NBC's Today Show did a demo on his mosquito repellent app. WARNING: This is kind of hard to watch, even if you're not bothered by thousands of bugs.

August 08, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
All the apps of this guy cost $25 bucks, even the unuseful antimosquito! Maybe some hiden statistics indicates this business model works to get the money of some distracted people 🕸🕷
August 08, 2017  | person abi
Give that guy an antihistamine tablet, ASAP!
August 08, 2017  | person R3pl1c4nt
A little expensive for an app with no video or demo - normally i'd buy anything that says microtonal without hesitating but we need a demo please... Looks like a poorly executed geosynth / geoshred from the screenshots. Would love microtonal support in geoshred
August 09, 2017  | person_outline Andy
LOL, this app just went on sale for $4. A $21 savings!

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