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Olympia Noise Co. Ondes is now Ribbons - Update & Contest!

Olympia Noise Co. got sick of everyone mispronouncing Ondes, so the app is now called Ribbons! Today's update also brings Audiobus 3 support and a, "Wondrous new icon." The app is also on sale for $5.

To help get the word out, Olympia Noise Co. has provided me with 5 copies of Ribbons to give away!
Comment on this post for a chance to win. Winners will be selected tomorrow morning, Chicago time.

What's new in Ribbons v1.2:

• Ondes is now "Ribbons."
• Super relaxing new color scheme.
• Wondrous new icon.
• Updated to latest version of Audiobus.

Contest closed! Congratulations to kriskeyser, Marcel, DiegoC, SupaJoint, and Keeeth!

May 16, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
I'd love to take place in this contest. The icon is cute indeed.
Count me in. Very impressive, this automatic drawing you've made up.
looks great, would love to try it out :)
Yes purleeeeeeeese! :P
I beta tested the latest version. Really fun app.
Aiight I'm in again. Haven't tried [s] Ondes [/s] Ribbons out yet.

Hm strikethrough not working
Great app, would love to win. But why can't people pronounce 'ondes'? Doesn't seem that challenging!
May 16, 2017  | person ddr1970
If the MPE mode works with Animoog, I'm looking to improve the throw on the blades/keys. Maybe?
May 16, 2017  | person apc
The other apps by Olympia Noise are great. Would love to try Ribbons.
May 16, 2017  | stars Marcel
I love these contests!
May 16, 2017  | person Okgm2
Commenting on this post for a chance to win 😜
May 16, 2017  | person huphtur
Doug Woods convince me! Good move changing look and giving the update before ending the sale!
May 16, 2017  | person abi
I'm in again, love the contests and this side!
May 16, 2017  | person Ornette
Looks nice.
Count me in too. Got the other apps from Olympia Noise, would love to try this one :-)
May 16, 2017  | person White
I'm not surprised they changed the name. I'm certain I'm not pronouncing "Ondes" correctly.
May 16, 2017  | person emac
Ribbons is the only app from Olympia Noise that I don't have...entering contest in hopes of earasing that mistake.
Seems interesting. The more expressive playing options there are in iPad music apps, the less left out I feel by not having an MPE controller.
Yes please, let's tie a bow round this.
May 16, 2017  | person d4d0ug
Yes please! :)

Heh! Was just researching this one at length, and also wondering how I missed your first contest with the new system. Looks fairly sophisticated in functionality. Nice :)

Maybe you could rent/sub that out to other blogs?
May 16, 2017  | person skiphunt
Yes, count me in pls!
May 16, 2017  | person vasre
aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh 👹
....also bad guys enjoy cool apps ;-)
May 16, 2017  | stars DiegoC
Thank you for adding me to your list. The information you offer in the Facebook iOS Music groups is invaluable, to say the least. While my composing/recording methods have been more traditional, I've been breaking out to learn new ways to create. I have several sound-creating apps but Ribbons sounds very interesting (pardon the pun). I hope to be able to use it in my expanding arsenal of tools. Thank you again.
Fingers crossed! Already really love patterning, Ribbons looks cool too!
Commentin to win shit :)
May 16, 2017  | stars SupaJoint
the new name is better..
May 16, 2017  | person Re5etuk
Kind of like the Ondes name, hearkening back to the Ondes Martenot, but I think that Ribbons makes a lot of sense. Anyway, nice instrument and very playable. I do kind of miss one of the original functions where it detected how much of your finger was depressed and gave that as a performance parameter. I could never understand why Apple didn't want people using that ability.
May 16, 2017  | person Bubowski
I really need this one!
May 16, 2017  | person Yuri
Not got this but love patterning.
I assume Ondes was the French word for waves as in "sound waves". Who was mispronouning it?
It will certainly be nice to have another app. I'm sure I'll find a use for it.
I'm in.
May 16, 2017  | person Adam
I love Olympia apps!
Please please please I need this to make my life complete!!!!!.....
May 16, 2017  | person NuSoulMe
I wonder what's so difficult about the pronunciation of 'ondes', the French for waves? What did they say, wondies? On dez? Whatever, I'd really like one :-)
Welp there goes my ninja status. You've got me to sign up and be tracked now :)
May 16, 2017  | person Bob
Crap. I had good luck on your contests when it was only a retweet. Bring that back so I don't have to type shit like this. :)
May 16, 2017  | person B.Skaigh
This is something I can definitely get behind. Love Olympia Noise Co. Apps!!!
Thanks for a shot at this ... cheers
May 17, 2017  | person Hb2015
Thanks for working so hard to get us freebies! :D
I've had this one in my AppShopper Wish List—Olympia is a great developer!
May 17, 2017  | stars Keeeth
I want it!!!
Hello, hello, Bom dia! Good morning!
Ribbons is for Gibbons… & I'm a Gibbon so can I have a copy please…!

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