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FL Studio Mobile Update & Name Change

Image Line's FL Studio Mobile has been renamed FLSM. This is kind of unfortunate, because in English we add vowels when none are presented. I believe the most natural way to pronounce this new name is, "Flism." That's a pretty dumb name, but they continue to bring us new features. I was impressed by the 3.0 update last month, and today it gets MIDI file import and export! If the name Flism doesn't suit you, the legacy HD version of the app is still called FL Studio Mobile HD.

What's new in FLSM v3.1.8:

* MIDI file import/export (import entire MIDI files, export tracks. (Load/Save .mid files from Songs Tab and Playlist tracks menu)
* Note length now snaps to Snap value
* Bluetooth audio should now work with all devices
* Stability improvements and bug fixes
* Renamed from App FL Studio Mobile to FLSM (please don't worry this is just an administrative change)

NOTE: SHARE/Sync issues will be fixed with the next update. Thanks for your patience.
January 05, 2017  | person_outline Tim Webb
Let the slogan battle begin:

"Put on a second pair of briefs. FLSM is coming."

"FLSM. It won't knock you up."

"I worked it for hours. It's raw! FLSM"

"I've fallen and I can't get up!
"... Have you tried getting down? [beat drops] "

January 05, 2017  | favorite_border stub
Dear Tim,

Have you actually used FLSM to be impressed by it?

There's so many features missing from the iOS version compared to version2 which already had midi import and export via open in from other apps and the net.
FLM2 also had Audiobus integration done properly - i.e. Including the AB control tab
IAA instruments and effects
Midi in and out
All of which are missing in FLM3
Not to mention users old projects don't play properly if they load at all. Due to misnamed instruments and samples and a different effect architecture

Oh and this update brings midi import/export via iTunes which is flakey at the kindest and even by ILs estimation needs tidying up.....

Ps FLM3 HD isn't the legacy version it's the same app now, previously HD was universal and the non had version was iphone only. But the iphone version was released first, then a iPad only HD version which became universal.

Regards Bianca
January 05, 2017  | person_outline Bianca
@Bianca: No I haven't used it, but I like the direction they're going with it. I agree with your criticisms though. They probably should have rolled in more of the missing features into this reboot before taking away the old app. I think they thought no one was using the old version, so no one would miss it!

"Legacy" in this case is semantic, and not meant to suggest that it is archaic. They're identical apps. One carries the new name, one is updated for those customers who bought the other. In time the "HD" will be considered a legacy version when more people own the other.

FLSM...with vowels locked in.

January 05, 2017  | person_outline a1
I don't own either, nor Cubasis.
What are the differences between FLSM and 'FL Studio Mobile HD' ?
January 05, 2017  | person_outline Mike
FLiSM? Ha ha - I read that as "FuLSoMe" which is extraordinary PG13 of me...
@Mike: There is no difference anymore. They're now identical, and Universal.
I really love the new version, althoug it is buggy and unfinished. It has a very nice workflow, an inviting gui that works great with touchscreen and the sound quality is good. That is a huge step up from the last version, which sucked on all that.
I even like it better than Gadget. Auria, Cubasis and Modstep have to clumsy sequencers/piano roll and arranger for my taste.
Now i just hope they implement all the important stuff they have left out in good time so that this becomes really useful.
January 06, 2017  | person_outline Fleinfjes

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